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Do Spiders Bring Good Fortune? 💰 The Money Spider Meaning Spiritual

Posted by Lisa Smith on

 Why Am I Seeing Numbers and Animals Constantly?  

Please know that if you are noticing synchronicities in numbers or in animals (such as you are seeing the same number constantly or you notice that animals are mysterious coming around. You notice that animals are doing strange things to make you themselves seen or even if you are seeing animals frequently then both these numbers and animals have a message for you. This can also mean you are experiencing a spiritual awakening; please do not fear this transformation that’s happening in your life. The spiritual realm has chosen you as a vessel and God thinks very highly of you. Also, if you are experiencing 12thhouse/Pisces transits in any of your astrology charts then this too is an indication of a Spiritual Awakening.

My Personal Spider Story

When I first started my spiritual awakening I was talking to family and friends about the various meaning of animals. I even spoke to my husband a few days before my encounter with the spider about the rules behind killing a spider (I'll talk about that later). Then 2 days later I was sitting on the couch around 9:00 and saw a spider coming down from the ceiling from it's web. I had my son by my side, as I was reading some astrology aspects, and this small white spider scared the crape out of me, it was literally inches away from my face. So, naturally I jumped up with my son to move away from the spider.

My second encounter with a spider was on September 8, 2020, when I was working out (hard) during a Mars retrograde. I was walking on the treadmill for about 50 minutes, which is normal for me, but I was about to go longer until this spider came down from its web (right in my face) which forced me to jump off the treadmill. When I jumped off (scary me.. blame my Pisces Moon), I noticed the spider moving on his web towards me as if he was looking at me and even waving. I know that sounds so weird, but on the next day my leg was hurting really bad (read my crystal story for more details on my healing methods). I had sprained my leg, so if I would have walked any longer I would have caused more damage to myself. Also, when I went to the doctor about 3 weeks after the doctor checked my blood pressure and said it's high (140/101) and that I should not be working out while it’s this high and to get it under control first. The doctor also mentioned that sodium and caffeine increases the blood pressure too. So, in conclusion the spider was trying to save my life. If I would have stayed on that treadmill (any longer) my blood pressure would have increased and I could have had a stroke. 

Cultural Beliefs & Myth About Spiders

Now various cultures view spiders' meaning differently. In Ancient China it was believed that seeing a spider drop down from its web was good (meaning you will be blessed with gifts and good luck from heaven) with white spiders being extremely lucky.

Then there's a myth called ~ Money Spider Superstition. These spiders are very small. These tiny spiders widely known as "Money Spiders" because if they are seen crawling around on you, it is said the spider has come to bring you a wealthier lifestyle.

 In Ancient Rome they believed spiders could help bring more money into their lives. Many Romans would carry gold or silver coins with images of spiders on them to prevent poverty.

 In Ancient Europe tales of seeing a spider in the morning was unfortunate and considered unlucky. A well-recognized superstition is that if you see a spider in the afternoon you can expect to receive a gift very soon.

Other old folktales believed that if you dream about a spider you will have more money and success in the near future. But dreaming of a spider that bits you may indicate that you will lose money.

Now earlier in this article I mentioned the rules of killing a spider. Killing a spider is considered extremely unlucky for the person who killed it. But bad luck may be reduced if you apologize to the spider before you kill it and say it's not personal. Now in my personal story, my husband killed the spider but  he claimed he said "sorry spider but you got to go." Nowadays, if I kill a spider, because it's in my home and invading my space, I say "Sorry Spider but I have to kill you, but be at peace." 

Spiritual Meaning of Spider Totem

My personal meaning of the spider is the following keywords: mysterious, protective, messengers, and wisdom. Seeing a spider can mean a time of peace, joy, and prosperity for you. Look below at the astrology advice for this spider energy. During this time, you can figure out how can you deepen your spiritual growth. Becoming more grounded is going to be helpful but working on your Third Eye Chakra (INTUITION, WISDOM, AWARENESS) and Crown Chakra (YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND MEETS A HIGHER SELF AND/OR UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS). 

Document and record any spiritual dream you have so you will be able to interpret it later. Each spider dream you have can mean different things. 

The spider spirit animal can also be telling you to open yourself up to new ideas, new adventures, and new ways of thinking (Mercury) about the spiritual side of life. Consider exploring a new spiritual community, especially if you typically practice in solitude all the time. 

Astrology Meaning of the Spider Totem

Although spiders are considered dark and mysterious, they are fast moving creatures which are represented by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and based on my personal story above I was doing my daily routines when I came across the spiders. Financially the spider can  signify wealth and money that comes from family or some other 8th house matter (8th house in astrology means other peoples money or government assistance).  


Possible Healing Remedies for this Energy:

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