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Transit Saturn in Taurus or 2nd House Saturn – Save Up!

Posted by Nicole Brown on

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This is the time to evaluate your true values, have you been responsible with your possessions? Have you been practical about your way of living even your boundaries with others, not allowing others to run all over you? How have you simplified things in your life that needs to either get the boot or be revised? Daddy Saturn will show you what values need to be changed for good to reach your higher self all for your better good. Paranoias can come up surrounding money maybe even real situations that can challenge you and test what would you do for a buck or two (will you comprise rules and moral values) to satisfy self. Even if nothing detrimental happens during this transit this can be a good time to find long term and methodical investments. From a healing and spiritual perspective this a great time to meditation on any issues, you need to release. And speaking of releasing this is a time where you may have to release people who no longer are meaningful in your life. This may hurt but it’s for the better. You can cry about it but please find positive ways to heal; meditating can serve you well. Surround yourself with people who enjoy you and things that truly make you smile. Not attaching yourself to things and welcoming in change can give you the freedom your soul needs. Hang in there. Don't forget that prayer can help, I know it has to help me when I face challenging times and to have faith. 

(Please review my other video for advice on this placement Natally as you can experience some of those things too).

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