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Saturn in Aries or 1st House Saturn Transit – Who Am I Now? Healing Advice

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


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Check out the Natal Saturn Aries 1st House Video for great details on this energy or quickly read the article. 

Transiting through Aries or 1st house you will be more aware of your entire physical body. Your eating habits may become a little stricter, you can want to change your appearance in a more aggressive way (meaning you may want to do aggressive type of workouts (such as weight lifting, kick boxing, sports and these are perfect activities to release and balance yourself). There can be some seriousness and even depressive way of thinking but it’s important to not hold on so tightly to things and avoid illusions. When I say illusions (especially if you have Neptune transits close to your Saturn) it can be a time where you truly feel like a failure. And it’s all lies, you are not a failure this hurt or confusion shall pass (all things in life whether good or bad seems to flow, it comes and goes). It’s time to let go build a solid foundation for the next cycle of your life. This is definitely a time of being held accountable for all actions from daddy Saturn. When it comes to your health make sure you stay balanced emotionally and if you need help please seek counselling its okay to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak it means you have the free will to make a choice to better your situation. Also anything you do whether that be looking for a new lover, a diet regimen, a new religion or a new doctor it’s a good suggestion to do your thorough research. To help heal yourself try asking these questions: Who Am I Really? How Can I Make the Best Out of My Life? What steps do I need to take to have a more structured and rewarding life? Write these things down and actually make steady progress.

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