Red Cardinal Bird Animal Totem Meaning & Uranus in 8th House Correlati
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Red Cardinal Bird Animal Totem Meaning & Uranus in 8th House Correlation

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


I saw a red bird on 8/21/2019 which I believe was a cardinal bird (it looked just like one). Here's my video which isn't that clear since it flew away so quickly. The date I saw this bird equaled 23 and I did a video on the falcon (click below) and this date also equaled 23. There's a strong vibration with this number 23 (if you want to learn more about the number click the below). The time the bird was send was 6:14a which equaled 11 (click that link below). Both of these number have a high spiritual vibration.

In certain cultures, birds can represent souls who have reincarnated and who are transcending to another realm. Since there are so many bird species each bird has their own unique meaning. The cardinal bird is definitely not hard to miss, it's such a beautiful bright bird and the male cardinal is the brightest. The bird I saw has a black mask therefore it was a male cardinal. Also this bird was singing as it flew away. In North America the northern cardinal is one of the most familiar red songbirds and can endure all 4 seasons.

 The cardinal bird symbolizes a loved one or a person you were once acquainted with is visiting you. Now someone who I knew and went to college with suddenly died 3 days prior to this date. Also, for those who are into astrology Uranus entered Taurus March 2019 and it's now in my 8th house which represent sudden deaths. This doesn't mean that someone I know will die every year until year 2026 since the 8th house represents other things such as other people money, debt, taxes, sex and etc.

The red cardinal also symbolize love, passion, luck, energy, family. Cardinals are loving and protective birds that don't mind taking care of their babies. Since these birds are loyal lovers this can mean you are also a romantic person who enjoys passion. If you are single, seeing a red carnival especially on multiple occasions can mean there's a romantic love coming soon. Or it can mean a new love is coming into your life soon, in my case I'm pregnant. Ultimately, the red cardinal represents good news; that your angels are guiding and protecting you. 

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