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7 Signs You Need To Raise Your Vibration | Let's Play A Game!!! - Eshay Astro

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Let's Play A Game!!! 

 Check out my YouTube Video on this topic here:

Before we play the game I want to say how important it is to have consciousness, To be conscious of something is to be aware of not only your surroundings but to be wise enough to determine what is good for you or what is bad for you. When you raise your vibrations, which typically comes when you are experiencing a "spiritual awakening" then things seem to become a lot clearer to you. We all can operate from a low vibration and high vibration because none of us are perfect. We still need guidance from God to reach the level of perfection. And only with God's help will we be able to ascend to the other side. Nonetheless, the stories I give in this content are real and have happened if not to me than to someone I know. So let's play a game!!!

Those who have been following me for some time know that I have many stories to tell, good and bad surrounding my life! I've shared a few testimonies in my videos, but still have so many stories to tell. Therefore, I thought about my encounters with low vibrational beings and high vibrational beings. I wanted to make a game out of this topic. So how does this game work?  I'm going to give about 7 scenarios talking about high vibration encounters and low vibration encounters. You have to write in the comment box which story I told out of the 7 are my real-life story(s). Real life story(s) mean that encounter really happened to me (Eshay). For example, you will have to write something similar to: “I think option A, B, and F are your personal (real) story (s).” But instead of letters, I will be using numbers. The person who gets all the options right will win a free pair of custom Nikes by me Eshay Francois. I will let you guys know the findings on November 11, 2020, in whatever video I upload for that day. FYI: Anyone can participate in this game, as long as you are a YouTube subscriber.

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What are High Vibrations & Low Vibrations?

Let me first explain what high and low vibration means, I'm sure most of us have heard the term at least once. As physics states, we all are made up of energy and people can exude positive (ex. high, good, loving, and caring) energies and others can give off negative (bad, nasty, jealous, and naïve) energies.

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The 7 Options / Stories:  

1) Low vibrational people be like: Wow, your house is a mess. Look at this rug, it needs to be vacuumed. Y'all got so many dishes in the sink, look at this kitchen. High vibrational people be like: Wow, is everything okay with you? Do you need any help, I can assist you with maybe cleaning and vacuuming. In fact, let me wash your dishes for you I see you have been really busy lately and I want to help out.


2) Low vibrational people be like: I see you got a new car, um, look at all the cigarette holes you got in your seats. You got scratches on your dashboard, I hope they gave you a discount. High vibrational people be like: I see you bought a new car, nice work. It's your first vehicle you moving on up. I can't wait to take some road trips, especially since I don't have my own car yet.


3) A low vibrational person's reaction when they first meet your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend) gives their unsolicited advice such as, I think your partner is quiet, they seem like a lame. That's not the type of person I thought you would date. High vibrational response to this same situation would be: I think your new partner is good for you, what do you like most about them. Congrats!


4) Low vibrational people be like: Why you dress like that, you must be trying to pull a man. High vibrational people be like: Silent 


5) Low vibrational people be like: Look at that wedding ring its super small (ha, ha). High vibrational people be like: Look at her ring, it's nice for her. It suites her style.

6) Low vibrational people be like: Why you always wearing makeup and heels. Do you want people to think you are a transgender person? High vibrational people be like: I think your fashion style is very unique. And your height is amazing OR they would just stay not a damn thang. PERIOD.


7) When you buy your first home someone has a low vibration would say: you live in the hood. NOTE: This low vibrational person doesn't own anything. High vibrational people be like: Wow you bought your first house on your own with no help, that's an accomplishment. Congrats!

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