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Personal Year 7 - Deep Inner Soul Searching

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

7 Year cycle which is your personal year 7 is all about self-reflection. What do you need to improve upon in this year that will bring you a more rewarding year next year? It is seeking truth, wisdom, dignity, fulfillment, and perfection. You will need to be productive during this time, so if you have been wanting a particular job than apply. If you have been wanting a business partnership this is the time to put in your contracts and bids. You will have to wait a little to get a response about the job applications and business ventures you inquired about.

You may find yourself meditating more and trying to find out about hidden truths related to yourself. You can also compare yourself more to others and become critical of yourself and others. This is a year of development, so develop some positive affirmations and positive ways of releasing stress.

Check out a detailed video on this:

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