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Nike SF Air Force 1 or Nike SF AF1 ?

Posted by Lisa Smith on

The Nike SF Air Force 1 — aka Nike SF AF1 hot stores on November 5; coming in four colors (black and olive for men, tan and white for women. Retail’s set for $200 a pop. What do you think about these cargo looking shoes with leather sections?

Nike Air Force 1


The rap industry made Air force 1 very popular in the early 2000’s . In fact a rapper by the name of Nelly even made a song about “Air Force Ones,” the song was the third Top 5 hit from Nellyville on the U.S. Billboard Hot Charts. Nelly should have signed a contract or something cause he put the kicks on the map.

Looking at these Nike SF Air Force 1 I just feel there are a little to many traps and buckles to close on this shoe. It's like am I strapping in to go to combat ?

Nike SF Air Force 1

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