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Natal Uranus in 9th House / Sagittarius and Uranus 9th House Transit

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Natal Uranus 9th House –

When it comes to expansive knowledge from higher learning to philosophical topics you want to find your own truths, not just believing what anyone tells you. You can find yourself questioning certain mythologies and theories. Since Uranus and Sagittarius holds the freedom energy you will feel a strong need to explore and traveling long distance can be very beneficial for you. During your research and travel you can develop unconventional ways to spirituality. You may even teach your findings on the world wide web to like minded people. Just avoid extremism, remember everyone has their own beliefs and while it’s nice for us to share ours with others we shouldn’t force our beliefs onto others (everyone has their own journeys in life).


Uranus Transit 9th house-

During this time you can feel the need to explore new knowledge, you may even think about going back to school or studying some new philosophical topic, just remember to finish what you start. Because during this transit you, may quickly become intrigued by something then suddenly change your mind. Technology, electronics, and gadgets can become more interesting at this time. Uranus in 9th house can bring unexpected long-distance travels, so pay attention to your surroundings.

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