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Natal Uranus in 8th House / Scorpio and Transit – How Will I Be Transformed

Posted by Ayesha Miller on



Natal Uranus 8th House –

With the 8th house representing debt, sex, death, occult and other transformative matters, you can erratically be affected by all these things. You can even be a recipient of an inheritance or legacy.  Money can come from anywhere without you having to roll up your sleeves or you can go bankrupt. Also, this placement can also bring unexpected deaths (usually through accidents) but not necessarily.


Uranus Transit 8th house-

Unexpected matters can arise related to the 8th house. You can suddenly get money from someone or an entity. You can clear you debt or get more into debt during this time. You can become more interested in astrology, tarot, spirituality, wiccan practices and/or taboo things. You may even feel more sexual and want to experiment in the bedroom, have fun but of course be safe. You can become more intuitive during this time so listen closely to your intuition.



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