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Natal Uranus in 12th Houses / Pisces and Transit – The Secrets We Keep

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Natal Uranus 12th House –

The way you view the world and even spirituality can be a little unorthodox. You don’t mind standing out and want to be viewed as unique. You can hide certain things about yourself in fear of being judged as you mature your reputation becomes really important to you. 12 house is a karmic house so you may have dreams about past life issues. Your sleep can even be affected by these vivid dreams. You can come across a lot of fake friends or imposters, so watch your back. Meditation and along time will reenergize you especially during stressful times. You can become successful from anything related to technology and electronics.


Uranus Transit 12th house-

You may have lucid dreams during this time and ideas can come to you like lightening. Secrets can be revealed unexpectedly from others and/or yourself. Secret enemies can enter your circle so be careful not to expose your secrets cause back stabbers can be lurking. You can have innovative thoughts at this time, so keep a note pad near.


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