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Natal Uranus in 11th Houses / Aquarius and Uranus 11 house Transit

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

 Rebellious Groups, Where Do You Stand?

Natal Uranus 11th House –

This is a comfortable placement for Uranus since it’s the natural ruler of Aquarius (11th house). This can bring very unique friends and groups into your circle. Your social surroundings will be very diverse, and you and your squad can start memorable movements or inventions. Friends can be geniuses and/or have mental issues. On the contrary, your friends can be eccentric and rebellious therefore you may need to honestly figure out how these friends are impacting your life, is it for the better or worst. You are a freedom seeker who enjoys communicating with others.


Uranus Transit 11th house-

During this transit new and awkward friends can suddenly come into your life. New friends, groups or the internet can have a major impact on your life, causing fame and/or financial gain. You can become more interested in humanitarian and/or spiritual groups. There’s a need to become a part of a movement. Always beware of any groups that show overbearing and extremist behaviors.  

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