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Natal Uranus in 10th House / Capricorn and Uranus 10th House Transit

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

You Can Become Your Own Boss

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Natal Uranus 10th House –

You are the type of person who needs to be challenged in your career. You may have worked a variety of jobs throughout your life and experienced issues with authority figures but ultimately you need mental stimulation. My husband has this placement and works in IT and his father also works in IT (with the 10th house representing the most dominate parent). In his past he has abruptly quit jobs due to injustice at work or an overbearing boss. Review the aspects to Uranus for more insight on how you handle employment and authority issues. Different career ideas may pop up in your mind and you could decide to become your own boss or invent some unique gadget that could change the world.


Uranus Transit 10th house-

During this time you can become restless in your career, yearning for something new or challenging. Your career can change unexpectedly for the good or the bad. This is a good time to research what type of careers will make you happy for the long term and develop a solid plan. New ideas can come from no where so please pay close attention and write those ideas down. The 10th house represents the public eye and authority figures therefore your status can change suddenly for the best or worst. 

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