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Natal Saturn in Taurus or 2nd House Saturn – Possessions Don’t Define Me

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Here are celebrities with Natal Saturn in Taurus or 2nd House Saturn: Childish Gambino, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg, Prince, Sean Comb, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mère Teresa, Tupac Shakur, Gwen Stefani


With this placement, Saturn in Taurus or Saturn in 2nd house can show your fear of not having enough. It may have cause greedy behavior in your past life or at a younger age. They say money can be like a drug to some people they have to have it, to feel safe even if they are already in a comfortable stage. Look at the sign your Saturn is in, this can tell you the way you will go about getting that fix. But what those with this placement must understand is money comes and goes, it’s simply energy. And believe me, Daddy Saturn will make sure you learn this lesson.

Your Father / Authority Figure in Astrology

Our natal charts also show our family. It shows the encounters we have with others. So Saturn represents the father and some astrologers also say the Sun represents the father too. If you are close to your father look at his behavior, does he have issues with money where he always has to work extra hard for money? What’s his relationship with money and his self-worth, does it correlate with yours?

Anxiety and Depression Over 2nd House Matters

This anxiety with possessions can cause you not to share your money or you can want to hoard money and things since you fear danger is around the corner. Try giving from your heart even if it’s something small and watch a blessing come in. Letting go of old wrongs and disappointments can help you move forward. If you have a lot of 2nd house placements in your chart more than 2 this can mean you had or have major self-worth issues. Usually, there is a powerful need to look at the importance of money in your life and whether or not it holds too little or too much influence.

Saturn Taurus and 2nd House Lessons

Ultimately the end goal is to gain a sense of freedom in this area; this may mean slowly building resources and putting in the effort for the desired results. Regardless of what you do, you will have to work harder for your Taurus & house matters. When it comes to your emotions surrounding these matters how do you react? Are you extremely emotional about possessions or do you give it away without any care? How do you view others who have wealth (wealth can be tangible or intangible) so are you jealous of those who you feel are more well off than you? I heard a famous quote; “What we hate in others is unconsciously living within us.” FYI: This placement can do well in real estate such as buying and selling property even land. Look at your aspects but if you want to make investments they should be something that will grow over a long term period, maybe stock and bonds. Whatever you choose do your research. 

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Healing Remedies / Advice

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