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Natal Saturn in Leo or 5th House Saturn – Know Thyself 1st

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             Saturn Leo Generations by Years: 

         Saturn Sign Tables 1920-2045 (Times given: Eastern Time – ET)

Saturn Leo Generations by Years:

Here are a few celebrities with Saturn in Leo and/or Saturn in 5th house: Charlamagne Tha God, Shakira, Mike Tyson, Vin Diesel, Janet Jackson, Hayden Summerall, Ruby Rose Turner, Sophie Michelle, Asia ray, Brooklyn Queen,


 Natal Saturn in Leo or 5th House Saturn 


If you want to know the exact years Saturn was in Leo, just check out the information above. The Leo and 5th house energy is about love matters, hobbies, pleasure, leisure, children, creations, gambling of all kind, relationships with children, business,  stock market, intellectual property, and all pleasant things in the person’s life. Those with this placement have a strong and maybe even big ego. The Leo energies can make one with this placement be ambitious, diligent, and goal-oriented. There’s a need for recognition and there can be a very self-focused type of energy.

Saturn  Shows Your Father /Authority Figure 

Saturn represents the father and some astrologers also say the Sun represents the father too. Growing up, did you feel a lack of recognition from your parents or father? Did you feel ignored in any way growing up from someone older than you (particularly your parents)? Did one or both of your parents feel ignored themselves, whether than be in love or in business matters or even in a career?


Your Love Life With Saturn 5th House

With the 5th house, placement can be a need to want children, romance, and a twin flame and love in general which can cause one to feel depressed if they can’t get these things. Opening your heart and expressing your emotions to others may help remove blockages. Being too cautious about what to say can hold you back. An afflicted Leo and/or 5th house can indicate there was a blockage in love, expression, or any 5th house/Leo matter. If you have issues with expressing yourself and helping others than this is something you will need to learn from.

Saturn in Leo or 5th House Saturn Lesson

If you feel your self-expression is blocked try to work on your throat chakra and heart chakra. If you are feeling blocked sexually than try working on your sacral chakra. Also working with children in a humbled and creative manner can serve you well and if you have children make sure you truly want them and it’s not to appease anyone else. Remember, no matter how many talents you may or may not have you are important. It’s important to find your true voice and know you are good enough by simply being you and loving yourself. Lastly from a spiritual perspective ask yourself these questions: What do I enjoy? What interests me? What would I like to explore? It can serve you well to try new things and create your own energy and enthusiasm.

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  Healing Remedies / Advice

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