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Natal Saturn in Gemini or 3rd House Saturn – Communicate by Asking for Help!

Posted by Lisa Smith on

 Natal Saturn in Gemini or 3rd House Saturn 

A few Celebrities with Saturn in Gemini or Saturn in 3rd house are: Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber, Elvis Presley, Billie Eilish, Jim Carrey, Naomi Campbell, Selena (singer), Zoë Kravitz, Bobby Brown


Saturn in Gemini or 3rd House Challenges

With this placement, it typically means your father or someone of authority close to you (so it could be your mother as well) was unsure of how to communicate or they were very quiet (they themselves could have 3rd house energy, Capricorn and even Libra energies in their chart) so this energy was something you grew up being familiar with. You are not in sync with your emotions and can bottle them up. As a child, you could have felt restricted in your expressions maybe even shying away from other children. There can be some major communication conflicts if you also have certain Saturn and Mercury aspects and if your Sun is in 3rd house and is not aspecting any planets. These energies can cause strong delays in speech. Remember you have to look at other 3rd house/Gemini placements in your chart and various aspects to see if this truly applies because you can have Uranus in 3rd house which can make you more outspoken and etc. Typically these people think about what they say first and growing up could have been challenging especially with their academics.

Saturn in Gemini or 3rd House Lesson

But once the person develops, matures, and practice consistently than they can become a powerful communicator and even a public speaker. They can become a mentor to others and share the spiritual insights that they have accumulated from all their 3rd house struggles. If this is your placement, remember to be patient with yourself and don’t feel ashamed to ask for help. Also to help your mind settle and to focus better try taking deep breathes in and out since the brain has a strong connection to the way we breathe. Release your fear and know that we all make mistakes and no matter how serious, funny or intellectual you may feel or sound, speak your truth because what you have to say is important, you can truly change the world.

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Healing Remedies / Advice

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