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Natal Saturn in Aries or 1st House – Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

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Checkout the Saturn Aries 1st House Transit video here for more details and healing advice. Or enjoy our quick article on this topic. 

 The 1st house represent the body and personality so Saturn is conjuncting your ascendant, meaning people can think you are a Capricorn when they first meet you because those Capricorn energies are more pronounced in your personality.  As with all placements one must look at the aspects to that planet to get the full favor. But you can appear to be ambitious, cautious, serious and even mean. You could have grown up with too many responsibilities which is hard for any child to have to bear. Because of this need to rescue others you can grow up saying I will never go through the struggles my parents went through, I will hustle and work my ass off to reach my goals. You may have difficulties expressing your true self to the world and can worry a lot even regarding things that don’t concern you.  With this Aries and 1st house energy this placement can really affect your entire self as you can experience so much rejection. Those with Saturn in Aries can be extremely competitive and they can have the urge to start a lot of projects or none at all due to fear of failure. The light side of Aries in Saturn is they can overcome many obstacles with their strong will to succeed. The dark side of this is these people can suppress their frustrations and anger which can led to depression. For those who have strong self-confidence and don’t mind consistently working hard, they can truly build something great. Watch your need to control all situations in your life. Saturn is testing your self-awareness and any arrogant tendencies that may exist and if you fall on the opposite of being insecure, unable to take criticism and issues with proper self- expression than this too will need to be analyzed. 


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