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My ‘Bees’ Dream Story Reveals Celery Juice |Part 1

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


Many cultures believed that a bee landing on you means good luck and money. Just like a bee entering your home represents sudden flow of finances. Since Ancient times Bees have symbolized wealth, good luck and prosperity. Ancestors used to wear jewelry and carry gold coins with a honey bee image on it, they believed it attracted wealth.

There is different type of bees but most, if not all have the black and yellow color. And in my dream was on 7/19/2019 and it woke me up, so I looked at the clock and it was 4:16 am (with both the date and the time equaling 11:11). I had totally forgot about the dream until I was looking through Allure Magazine and I came across this article. Then it made me think about my dream, so I started to put the pieces together. In my dream I can remember about 4 huge bees under a flower pot and when I lifted the pot about 2 of them flew out. It was one in particular who seemed bigger and brighter in color who was dancing on ceiling of the room I was in. I’m not sure where I was at first then it seemed like the scene location moved to my granny’s house. I can remember screaming and calling my husband to come and get these bees. Then the dream ended. So, how peculiar that the next day I get to work and see an article about bee venom with a huge picture of a bee. This article was talking about people use various holistic treatment particularly bee venom therapy for chronic illnesses because they have lost hope in their primary doctors. Some people sting themselves with the bee venom and someone people have died from this.

Now I still wasn’t sure who this article related to me, but it did force me to look deeper. So, as I keep reading the article it talks about celery juice and how it can help clear acne, eczema and other skin conditions. I have suffered from acne and eczema for over a decade and now my little boy has it really bad. The skin is our largest organ and I have tried so many things for my skin spending thousands of dollars. And although my acne and eczema has improved since I was a teenager I still get breakouts and flair ups.

I never heard of this juicing rave, but it seems to be a big craze everywhere even in Hollywood . A Medical Medium who has over 2 million Facebook followers came up with many fruit and veggie recipes and his most popular one seems to be the celery juice.

So, after my research, although I didn’t see that many African Americans trying it since we have more melanin in our skin, but I decided to do the celery challenge anyway. Especially since I discovered that celery intake can help with weight loss, reducing blood pressure, and fighting against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Now for those who have been looking at my videos I revealed in my Neptune conjunct Moon video that I was recently dx with hypertension. As most of us already know the food we eat can help improve our health or deplete it. I am going to juice for about 7-10 days, drinking 16oz of celery juice a day on an empty stomach (using only celery juice) to first see if my itching stops. <I’ll post my updates soon>.

I have to put a disclaimer out there: When doing any health or dietary changes it’s good to do thorough research and consult your doctor. I will keep you posted on this challenge.


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