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Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes with Bling Add

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

 Why Do Women Suffer Wearing Heels? 

Women love to be comfortable on their wedding day and the Nike Cortez shoe are a comfortable yet fashionable shoe for brides. I know how women like to feel sexy and wearing heels can make us look taller, thinner, and exotic. I can remember my wedding where my feet hurt so badly that I had to take my shoes off. Although my blinged-out wedding heels were so beautiful I couldn't wear them all night. Women will take ourselves through pain to wear designer shoes no matter the damage it may have on our feet. I used to wear heels all the time just to look more elegant; now don't get me wrong heels aren't evil. Women just need to know when to allow our feet and body to relax. We have to learn that we are beautiful with or without heels. 


Selena Willimas Wedding Sneakers

See Selena Willimas (picture below from Vogue Magazine) understood the need for balance. She had two pairs of custom shoes made for her wedding day. Selena Willimas had a pair of mid to low heels and a pair of blinged-out Nike Cortez similar to the Nike Cortez shoes in this video but hers were fully covered. You can get a custom pair of these from Eshays or you can DIY it viewing our Youtube video. 


 Vogue Serena Williams's Bedazzled Nike Wedding Sneakers


Description of Nike Cortez 

Product Details


  • Get iconic style and plenty of comfort in the Women's Nike Cortez Classic Leather Casual Shoes.
  • Iconic Nike Swoosh at the sides for style
  • Durable leather upper
  • Plush foam cushioning
  • Sponge rubber sole with herringbone traction pattern
  • The Nike Cortez Classic Leather is imported.
Once a track sensation in the 1972 Olympics, the Women's Nike Cortez Classic Leather Casual Shoe still reigns supreme as a must-have sneaker. While it's no longer a running shoe, this sneaker pairs perfectly with any casual wardrobe, adding a retro slant to whatever you wear.



                        DIY MATERIALS 

*Safety 1st Disposable Face Masks:
*Craft Safety Gloves:
*Women Nike Coretz w/out bling:
*Big Kids Nike Cortez w/out bling:
*Toddler Kids Nike Cortez w/out bling:
*Men Nike Cortez (can be used for women too):

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