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Leo Men Personality Traits! • Sex, Best Careers and How to Attract a Leo Man ♛

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

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People with Venus in Leo want to have fun in their relationships and can be very romantic. Leo men are confident but can show their affection through extravagant gift giving, mainly because they like to show off and want others to see how much they love you. Most Leo men are loyal, you have to look at someone's Venus/Uranus/Mars aspects to truly determine this but Leo men are very playful and truly want to have fun. Leo men can sometimes be seen as “the know it all” similar to Sagittarius but more arrogant. Even when you have proof that the Leo man is wrong about something he can be so stubborn and confident that it's hard for him to see your point of view. Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a Fixed Fire sign so this is where the confidence and stubborn traits come from but anything can be worked on if someone truly wants to improve. In sexual astrology Leo Men can either be lazy in the bedroom or dramatic. So when I think of dramatic sex I think of role playing and I think of a man trying to prove he's good in bed. But there is a Urban definition for "Drama Sex" which is based on the premise that you are so desperate for sex that you will accept the crazy, wild and dramatic consequences that come along with the sex. How can you attract a Leo Man, Leo men love to be the center of attention so let him shine sometimes. Give a Leo man a nice gift, preferably a cute but funny illustration of his face. Laugh at his jokes even if they’re not that funny. And have play dates where both of you can show your childlike side by letting all your worries go.

 Lastly let's talk about the best career for a Leo Man: Anything in Authority, Manager, Executive, Administrator, Actor, Acting Coach, Business Coach, Comedian, and Special Education Teacher.

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