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DIY Glitter Lamp Project - Glam Lamp Makeover on Budget

Posted by Nicole Brown on

      DIY Glitter Lamp Project 

You can change your old lamp to a luxurious color that will change the entire look of your living room. You can cover the lampshade in glitter too or place a jewel embellishment along the edges of the shade to give it a sophisticated look while saving money. Every girl loves glitter so why not add glitter to your lamp or lampshade. We will call this a DIY lampshade makeover since I decided to change my living room colors to Silver and Gray. Gray is a sleek, modern, glamorous, and elegant color. Silver is a precious metal and, like gold, often symbolizes riches and wealth. Did you know changing the colors in your home can also bring in new and fresh energy it's called feng shui. The color of Metal such as silver, grays,  in feng shui represents creativity, clarity (review color chart below). So when these colors, particularly your new refurbished glitter lamp is placed in the Northwest section of your home it can bring in good traveling and helpful people.

feng shui silver color guide

In my Youtube step by step video, on this DIY Glitter Lamp Project - Glam Lamp Makeover on Budget. There you will see exactly how to safely place glitter on lamps and you can use this concept for any item even the lampshade itself. The ideas are endless. Just be creative, you can even use pink glitter instead which is a very popular color for girls and women, we would know since Eshays have designed so many shoes with glitter placed on them, check out a few in our store here

So change your living space on a budget with creative ideas.

Check out the before and after picture of my old bronze lamp and how I made it look so feminine and beautiful. You too can do the same thing just check out my Youtube link above. Also, I have listed the Materials in the video as well as below in this article so get started today, make your living room more fabulous.


cheap home decor ideas diy

         MATERIALS For DIY:

Safety 1st Disposable Face Masks:
Craft Safety Gloves:
New Cheap Lamps if you don't have any old ones-
Silver Paint:
Silver Glitter:
Glue Waterbase:
Clear Protective Sealer Spray:
Paint Brushes:

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