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Karmic Debt 19/10/1 ~ What is Karmic Debt in Numerology and How to Settle It?

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

Watch the detailed 19/10/1 Karmic Debt Video: 



Here are a few celebrities with this birth path: Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Dick Cheney, George Washington,

All 1s are here to broadcast their creative talents in a productive and positive way. 19/1 may have to endure hard lessons before they are able to fully reach their power. There are some people who quickly learn from others mistakes but the 19/1 seems as though they have to personally experience these mistakes in order to truly learn the lessons. They resist help from others.

And since this karmic number 19/1 is the Life Path number the impact of the lessons for these individuals will be dramatic. The 1 is a starter and the ego the 9 is a finisher and it represents integrity, wisdom, tolerance, and philanthropy.

This means at some point you abused your power related to religion, spirituality, wisdom and sympathy and you used it for your own needs and gains. When you add 1+9 it equals 10 so it has a really strong 1 vibration. 1 energy is all about the self, selfishness and being self-centered. Everything, including numbers, has its light and dark side. Your main challenges are going to relate with improving your leadership skills, self-confidence, creativity, self-image, self-worth, and individuality.

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