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How to Place Fabric on Shoes – Using Shoe Sewing Machine

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If you want to join our workshop where we go step by step on how to create your shoe pattern to sewing the fabric slowly onto the shoe inbox me at

 I have been designing for over a decade. I started my design education at the tender age of 10 due to me watching my grandmother sew. My grandmother started sewing cartoon towel coats using Disney Towels until she had to stop due to copyright issues and carpal tunnel. Designing has always been in my blood, it’s even stated in my astrology chart (Venus 10th house) and having a few 3rd house placements (3 house in astrology represents using the hands and craftsmanship). Well enough of astrology, lol, but to say it simply, I was born to design and create. I took fashion design courses in high school for 3 years where I learned how to sew using industrial machines. If you are interested in sewing fabric on to shoes and want to know how to place the fabric on to shoes than check out my video below. You can purchase a shoe repair machine, that’s very similar to the one I have.  Listed in the video are all the materials I used or similar tools. Also scroll all the way down, in this article for all material links. 




* Sewing Machine Similar to Mines:

* Blank Nike Air Force 1 Big Kid Shoes (get 5% cashback w Rakuten):
* Blank Nike Air Force 1 Men Shoes (get 5% cashback w Rakuten):
* Blank Nike Air Force 1 Low Women Shoes (get 5% cashback w Rakuten):
* Blank Nike Air Force 1 Little Kid Shoes (get 5% cashback w Rakuten):

* Mini Iron:

* Thread Used:

or you can get a higher quality thread here:

* Scissors:

* Fabric:    

* Glues Used in this Project:  &

* Transparent Paper:


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