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How to Add Fabric and Spikes to Timberland Boots

Posted by Nicole Brown on


As most know Eshays owner and major design Eshay Francois is from Chicago and she has been designing clothes and custom creations for a long time now, over 10 years to be exact. Eshays, LLC and Eshay Francois will tell you that it is a fun change of pace to gather around a brightly colored fabric. There are so many cool fabric at various fabroc stores and even now online since online shopping has grown over the last 10 years and even more now with COVID-19. People are trying to find creative ways to make money and designing simple projects even adding cool fabrics to shoes of any and all kinds can bring in extra money. But if you want to know how we at Eshays,LLC add fabric to shoes, particularly to Timberland Boots than take a look at my step by step Youtube video at The Real Eshay. But let’s go over a few  common mistakes made when one is customizing shoes, and the materials used for this DIY Studded Shoes project.

Materials Used:

My Exact Fabric Used:

Similar Fabrics:  ;

Women Timberland Boots:  or

Men Timberland Boots:    or

Youth Timberland Boots:   or

Gold Spikes Used:   or 

Silver Spikes:

Drill to drill wholes carefully:

 Glue Used:


Transparent Paper (used to create shoe pattern):


Common Mistakes When Placing Studs on Shoes

  • Is have studs that are too small or too big (the correct spikes are listed in my material section).
  • Using the drill incorrectly (also be very careful when drilling).
  • Not using the proper glue for the correct fabric (also listed in materials).

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