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Giveaway Tote – Designer Inspired DIY Project – Make A Old Tote Bag New Again

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🌍OPEN TO ALL my Youtube subscribers   I will be doing giveaways until Dec 2020.


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Super nice and easy! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! 🥰😍

For those who want to just do the DIY project here are the materials (please know you may have to be creative in the ribbon you choose since it’s limited in stock).  Thanks for your support!!!!


Beige Tote: or

Beige Tote:

Similar Gold Chain Ribbon (quantity 2): or  or visit your local Walmart.

Glue E6000:

Gorilla Glue:

Hot Glue Gun:

Heat Press Machine: or



You can refurbish any bag, although this cotton beige tote bag I have in the video is new, it did have a few spots on them since they were sitting out for a little bit. But we can change the way our tote bags look to make them look stylish and new. You can add ribbon to an old bag to give it a new flare, or add some appliques, or add some glitter, add some rhinestones, the elements are endless when you want to modernize an old tote bag or an old book bag and etc. Follow the steps and/or enter the giveaway to get it for free (details above). I totally recommend that you learn from my mistake if you are using a heat press to use a bag with cloth handles instead. May you have a creative day!

To see the step by step process of how to create a new looking tote, changing your old tote into a new fresh, and stylish tote, then look at my Youtube Channel The Real Eshay. Above I have listed all the materials for your new refurbished tote bag and below are quick steps on what to do to create a designer inspired tote bag.

Step 1: Wash your old tote, get rid of all the dirty contents on it, and dry your old tote before placing any designs on it.

Step 2: Find all the materials you want to add (so have a design in mind or a concept/theme you want to add to your old tote bag).

Step 3: Use hot glue and/or Gorilla glue and/or E600 glue to place your elements such as ribbons, appliques, crystals, gems and etc onto your bag. 

Step 4: Make sure to allow your item to dry and if you don't have a heat press machine to put strong pressure on the item while it's drying (like I did in my video) then just use books or something heavy (but that won't damage the item/tote bag). Then allow drying for at least 5 hours. 

Step 5: Sew on any items that may fall out, if you don't have a sewing machine then use good old needle and thread as I did in my video. 

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