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Get Your Ancestry Inexpensive DNA Test 2020 ~ My Unboxing - Part 1

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


I decided to do an ancestry DNA test because I felt a calling for me to learn more about my ancestors and where I truly come from. Also, since I like to talk about astrology and numerology on this channel I have to discuss the different astrological aspects that can make someone think about digging deeper into their family tree. Our astrology charts also talk about our family (our mother, father, siblings, and other 3rd house members). Our charts even talk about our friends. But if you are experiencing a Pluto 4th house transit, this can bring on concerns with family members or hidden things surrounding your home or questions that you may have about your childhood. Other transiting energies such as Pluto, 8th house, Neptune, and 12th house can make you want to go deeper and research your history/ ancestors. With a Saturn in 4th house transit, you can start to think more seriously about your security, home matters, and family (this too can spark a need to discover more). Jupiter in 4th house can allow you to be joyous about your family or it can reveal some higher knowledge surrounding your home, family, and/ancestors.


So let’s get into my DNA test, now I suggest before you go out and buy an expensive DNA test, especially nowadays, since money can be a little tight for us all. That you check Groupon (more links below) since they constantly updating their sellers (the sale can end any day). I was able to find a DNA test for half the price (only $65). We know this is a deal since most major DNA testing companies such as 23andme or are selling these DNA test for twice the price.  Click the link below for more inexpensive DNA testing. I will be doing a second part to this video revealing my results since it takes about 6 weeks to get my DNA results back. Also, watch out for giveaways on my Eshay Astro YouTube Channel and my other Youtube Channel called The Teal Eshay. I will be doing custom item giveaways until Dec 2020 on The Real Eshay Youtube Channel.

The exact DNA testing kit I ordered:

A second inexpensive DNA genetic testing  option on Groupon:


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