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George Floyd Natal Chart, Numerology Report and Death Analysis and Spiritual Message

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


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We all can’t turn a blind eye to the multiple accounts of police brutality and the death of George Flyod is one out of many black men who have lost their life at the hands of an unprofessional, racist and narcissist police officer. I felt deep in my heart to do this video on today June 9, 2020 which is George’s last funeral ceremony in Houston TX. See I’m always trying to find out why things happened especially since we all know it took so many others to die before we had a world- wide protest for the injustice amongst blacks. There’s a huge debate that not only do black lives matter but all lives matter and I want to say that even those who can’t say that BLACK LIVES MATTER, remember that in order for ALL our lives to matter each race included in that category from Hispanics, Asians, Caucasian, Indians, Blacks and etc MUST MATTER. George Perry Floyd Jr. was born Oct 14, 1973 in North Carolina and later moved to Minneapolis which was where he was murdered on May 25, 2020 approx at 8:24p. George had a life path 26/8 which shows that he was a little materialistic and his purpose here on Earth is to learn to work through all issues related to money, power, authority, recognition and balance.

His expression # which reveals your gifts, talents, personality and unique offerings to the world was number 4 (which is about hard work and being practical. His Soul’s Desire which is the core number that gives insight into your deepest and most eternal and spiritual, motivating forces was a number 9. 9 in numerology is similar to the planet Neptune in astrology where its energy is about self-sacrifice, karma, letting go, releasing attachments, and of loss. One of the major reasons the 9 soul urge is here is to be the champion of the underdogs, they can truly relate to those in need (the underprivileged). In his astro chart his Neptune 1st house Sextile Pluto 11th house which shows a peace making tendency (as we saw in the arrest video of George and the police he was compliant he didn’t fight or anything. With that Pluto 11th house connection he definitely showed his death being shown on a global scale. This Neptune and Pluto aspect also reveals how he was supposed to bring people closer together and create a change while also helping us all view the political, religious and cultural aspect of the situation in hopes of developing a more humanitarian approach to similar situations.

His Jupiter Sextile Neptune (two spiritual planets) shows a creative and spiritual approach of life and these people have a humanitarian soul that can improve the world. Another important aspect in his chart was Sun Conjunct Uranus in 11th house with Uranus, with this aspect people can be view as being unique/ different or they can want to appear this way (as an individualist person following their own rules). This aspect indicates backlash if the person rebel against authority or society. With Uranus at 23 degrees this indicates unexpected dangers and since it’s connecting to the Sun (which is how one is viewed and seen) also in the 11th house (this all reveals his public death.

George 8th house was at a dangerous degree 23 and it also represent unexpected death. Since his 8th house was in Gemini it means death by respiratory complications which is what he died from a blockage in the airways (asphyxiation). George ascendant was in Scorpio at 22nd degrees and those who have heard of kill or be killed theory by astrologer Nikola according to Nikola this is a murder degree. I will be doing a video on this degree soon. During George transit chart on May 25, 2020 he had transit Pluto in Capricorn (represent authority) square Uranus in 11th house which indicates a massive radical change related to political and/or social changes. Since these planets are generational planets the energy will be felt by most particularly those of that generation. Global conflict can affect the way this generation and/or person views things and this is the energy we are experiencing at this moment. George’s death spread around the world and opened many eyes to the abuse minorities, particularly of black men, endure on a daily basis.

Lastly, George time of birth falls under Libra Decan 3- which represents those who can go through various test where they are severely judged and this can involve some suffering for these natives. These people can feel the need or calling to help those in need or the underdog and as a result they can become the outcast. Due to their personality it can attract a lot of envy from those who don’t want to see the native succeed. These people can be considered shadow workers because they help the collective to identify their shadows and bring them to the light for change.

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