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Gemini ♊ Women Personality Traits! • Love, Best Careers and How to Attract a Gemini.

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If you know a Gemini ♊ woman they don’t mind speaking their minds. Geminis usually make good artists, writers, bloggers, and journalists due to their inquisitive nature and outspokenness (they will do well in anything related to media). These women can hold great conversations, they love to talk, so don’t tell them any deep secrets because they can’t hold it in too long. These women are very spontaneous and enjoy time with girlfriends. They can relax their minds by reading a good book or gossiping (lol). Since you are clever and enjoy talking you have the ability to converse about almost anything, it’s so easy for you to spark a conversation with anyone. Your mind is always wondering, mainly since you are ruled by the fastest moving Planet (Mercury) that you can sometime overthink things are stress yourself out by overthinking. Now you have to keep a Gemini interested in you or they will easily become bored which leads them to become unreliable (where they break promises). Let’s talk a little more about the way a Gemini woman shows her love. Gemini women are persuasive and show their charm, mental power and youthful personality when they are on the prowl. She loves a challenge so she don’t mind fighting for love. She’s attracted to a partner who’s lively, sociable and adventurous.  If you are interested in a Gemini Woman you need to definitely be able to listen to her because her ass can talk and she may ask you a question so you will need to quickly respond. You must be funny and fun because she will leave your ass if you are boring. Lastly, you must have patience because with her mental overloads she can either take on a lot of work and project and/or she can constantly change her mind about something.

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