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Gemini ♊ Men Personality Traits! • Love, Best Careers and How to Attract a Gemini.

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


#GeminiMenPersonality #GeminiTraits #GeminiInLove

As we have seen in the rap industry a lot of rappers have the Gemini (3rd house) energy due to their way with words, communication and mental development. They are poetic and creative thinkers. A few other careers that Gemini men and even women maybe good at are: Sales person, DJ / Musician, Marketers, Account Executives, Business managers, Consultants, Freelancing. (You will do well in anything that keeps you busy, requires mental energy and that’s engaging with others). Gemini men and women are famous for being curious about almost everything, so they love to ask questions and can spark a convo about anything. They prefer to fall in love with someone who’s like a best friend, you know someone you can have fun with. When it comes to relationships they can get a little uninterested if their partner is boring; they need constant mental stimulation and excitement. They like a good chase, so play hard to get so they can work for your love ❤. They are slick fast talkers so watch out and make sure you hold them accountable for what they say. If you want a thinker 🤔 than the Gemini ♊ man is for you, they are ruled by Mercury so believe me they will always have something to talk about. You’ll NEVER get bored. Just hope they don’t drive your ass CRAZY with their strong political and every changing views. 😜! •

#GeminiMenPersonality #GeminiTraits #GeminiInLove

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