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Easy DIY Wedding Birthday & Party Decoration Idea for Bling Crystal Wine Glass

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


DIY Bling Wine Glasses for Any Celebration !!!!

Let’s celebrate with a glass of wine, but not with any type of glass…. but with a crystal bedazzled bling wine glass. In this DIY you will see me place a beautiful bling rhinestone clear stone trimming to a glass. You can place this design on plastic and/or glass material it's your choice. You can make this creative this DIY BLING WINE GLASS, DIY BRIDE Cup for a BRIDAL SHOWER a WEDDING, or even as a wedding gift, it's a TOTALLY DAZZLED BLING GEM design that you can imagine any and all things to add to this cup. The ideas can be endless. You can even create a bedazzled cup for your 50th birthday, or if you are a teenager for your sweet 16th birthday (lol) it’s so fun, just be as creative as you want.

If you aren’t as crafty and just want Eshays, LLC to design your blinged out cup for your wedding or any special even check out our custom cup designs. We even have pimp cups for those who like larger cups with a little hip hop flare.

What I noticed about women, especially from being a designer, that women love crystals, diamonds and anything the sparkles like glitter. So you can image why brides want custom gifts for their bridal showers. So if you ever wondered what to get a friend, sister or love one as a wedding gift than be creative and do a DIY as known as do it yourself wedding glass. To start the glasses decorated with crystals process is simple, again please watch my Youtube video for the step by step process and the materials used can be found below (scroll down) as well as in the video.

This design can definitely bring a classy and sophisticated posh flare to your special day. Whether you use it for your birthday toast or your wedding toast you will definitely shine BRIGHT. Everyone loves bling, at least I think so (LoL). You can use Totally Dazzled and Dollar Tree!!! You can also Make Money from Home in 2020 by designing this custom wine glass. Have a creative day!



*Safety 1st Disposable Face Masks:
+ Its Best to Drink from a straw:
*Wine Glasses (size in video 16oz): or
* Glue:
*Crystal Trimming (quantity depends on cup size but I used 3):

* Scissors used to cup trimming:
* Loose Silver Glitter:
* Loose Gold Glitter:

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