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Easy DIY Fur Chair 💕Room Decor - Glitter Office Chair ❣ 2020

Posted by Lisa Smith on

 Easy DIY Glitter Chair 💕 DIY FUR CHAIR TUTORIAL ❣ 2020

How well does it feel when you are working in a space where the environment is so colorful, bright, and calming. If you have ever decorated a room in your home or your office you definitely understand how your surrounding can change your mood. Just by changing the colors in your office or living space and change your mood. Studies have shown that through color therapy people with mood disorders brain chemistry shifted. I've always been an artist but I noticed once I became more spiritual that colors and the small things in life really started to become more pronounced to me. I decided to transform my design room also known as my office to a bright room consisting of the colors Gold, Pink, and Baby Blue. Once I changed the colors it's like creative ideas came to me, this also had a lot to do with my solar return Moon being in Gemini too, but that a little astrology for you. Ultimately it doesn't matter what colors you choose just as long as you love them and don't overpower the room with that color.

Nonetheless, let talk about this glitter chair/fur chair design. 

fur chair

For this glitter and fur design, you can use any chair, use an old chair if you like. The fur used to put on this office chair is a faux fur rug that was glued and stapled to the seat portion of the chair. If you want to cover the entire chair in the fur, you can do that as well. But I decided to change it up and add a little sparkle. Almost every girl loves pink and glitter so why not combine them. This DIY Chair Project can brighten your room and your mood since color therapy truly makes a difference. To save a little money, design your own chair, you can even add another type of fabric if you like. The options are endless! Review my step by step Youtube video on how to add the various elements. The materials are also listed below. Have a creative day!!!!

     Materials for DIY Chair:

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