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Dreaming of Bees, The Bee Totem, Bee Stings| Meanings Part 2

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Many cultures believed that a bee landing on you means good luck and money. Just like a bee entering your home represents sudden flow of finances. Since Ancient times Bees have symbolized wealth, good luck and prosperity. Ancestors used to wear jewelry and carry gold coins with a honey bee image on it, they believed it attracted wealth. There are different types of bees, and most of them are black and yellow in color. The black and gold together represents success, abundance, prosperity through the hidden or occult matters.

My bee dream was on 7/19/2019 at 4:16 am since it woke me up (and both the date and time equals 11:11). Review my video on 11:11 link below.  I had totally forgot about the dream until I was looking through Allure Magazine and I came across an article on Bees and Health correlation (review part 1 of this video to get a better understanding of my Bee dream and message my angels were delivering to me, link the below.

In this video I want to talk more about various Bee Dreams and the Meaning of Seeing a Bee. Bees represent team work, coming together to complete a common goal. It’s about building a solid plan making sure to maintain a great level of communication and focus. Bees hold the 4 energy of hard-work and dedication. So, if you are dreaming of bees it definitely represents working hard at something whether you want to or not. It has the energy of Moon in Gemini where you can be constantly thinking about new things, or where your thoughts are scattered. At this time there can be a lot of activities on your plate that you want or need to complete. From an esoteric point of view the bee represents team work and working to build something stable. You are following a plan and able to communicate your point of view. Even if you work alone it’s important to look at you plan from all angles, not leaving out any of your talents or skills. Please know there are no short cuts, you must be persistent.  

If in your dream you are being stung by a bee, this can mean you have very high expectations which can be causing some anxiety. It can also be connected to your health or someone you knows’ health, so look at this closer and also if stressed or annoyed try not to burden yourself. Take a break and a breathier. Lastly, if you actually got stung by a bee in real life, those of us who have experienced this know it’s not a good feeling when getting stung by a bee and it can even be deadly for some, but what does it mean spiritually? Although there are some bad things associated with being stung by a bee when it comes to the positive spiritual meaning it can mean       a period of harmony and peace in our lives. It can mean romance and strong passion with your partner.  And it symbolizes a need to respect and value our community by giving back.                           

 My 11:11 Meaning video:



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