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Do Spiders Bring Good Fortune? ~ The Money Spiders’ Spiritual Meaning

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


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I had just spoke about spiders to my husband and the symbolism behind them. Then 2 days later I was sitting on the couch around 9p and saw one.  I had my son by my side as I was reading some astrology aspects , then I see a small white spider coming down from its web towards us. It was like almost on my shirt. Naturally I jumped up with my son away from it as my husband grabbed it. Now various cultures view spiders' meaning differently. In Ancient China it was believed that seeing a spider drop down from its web was good (meaning you will be blessed with gifts and good luck from heaven) with white spiders being extremely lucky.

Then there's a myth called ~ Money Spider Superstition

These spiders are very small. These tiny spiders widely known as Money Spiders because if they are seen crawling around on you, it is said the spider has come to bring you a wealthier lifestyle.


In Ancient Rome they believed spiders could help bring more money into their lives. Many Romans would carry gold or silver coins with images of spiders on them to prevent poverty.


In Ancient Europe tales seeing a spider in the morning was unfortunate and considered unlucky. A well-recognized superstition is that if you see a spider in the afternoon you can expect to receive a gift very soon.

Other old folktales believed that if you dream about a spider you will have more money and success in the near future. But dreaming of a spider that bits you may indicate that you will lose money.

Killing a spider is considered extremely unlucky for the person who killed it. But bad luck may be reduced if you apologize to the spider before you kill it and say it's not personal. Now my husband killed the spider and he claimed he said sorry spider but you got to go. I personally couldn't kill it due to my knowledge.

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