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Get Your Ancestry Inexpensive DNA Test 2020 ~ My Unboxing - Part 1

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 Does Astrology Talk About Your Family? 

I decided to do an ancestry DNA test because I felt a calling for me to learn more about my ancestors and where I truly come from genetically. Also, since I like to talk about astrology and numerology, I have to discuss the different astrological aspects that can make someone think about digging deeper into their family tree. Our astrology charts also talk about our family (our mother, father, siblings, other 3rd house family members and our partners (represented by 7th house people). Our birth charts even talk about our friends (11th house people). But if you are experiencing a Pluto 4th house transit, this can bring on concerns with family members or hidden things surrounding your home. You can even start to question or think about things that happened to you as a child. Other transiting energies such as Pluto, 8th house, Neptune, and 12th house can make you want to go deeper and research your history/ ancestors. With a Saturn in 4th house transit, you can start to think more seriously about your security, home matters, and family. All these things can spark a need to discover more about thyself and family members. Jupiter in 4th house can allow you to be joyous about your family or it can reveal some higher knowledge surrounding your home, family, and/ancestors.


So let’s get into my DNA test, now I suggest before you go out and buy an expensive DNA test, especially nowadays, since money can be a little tight for us all check out MyHeritage DNA test this is the exact DNA test I used. I was able to find a MyHeritage DNA test for half the price (at the time I purchased it, it was only $65). DNA Kit from MyHeritage is a popular DNA testing kit which allows customers to discover their family origins and find previously unknown relatives. Here’s how it works: take the DNA test at home with the quick 2-minute cheek swab, then mail the sample in the provided envelope to the MyHeritage DNA lab. Your sample will undergo analysis in the lab and your results will be available on your secure online MyHeritage account in 3 to 4 weeks. Even during the COVID 19 pandemic, when I took the test, I got my result in about 4 weeks or less. See my result in a private video below. 

Each kit comes with:

  • Ethnicity Estimate: Decoded from your DNA, MyHeritage Ethnicity Estimate unveils genetic clues left by your ancestors to reveal your unique ethnic breakdown from 42 supported ethnicities. The results are presented in an original, animated experience that is easy to share online and portrays which percentage of your DNA originates from different regions around the world.

  • DNA Matching: MyHeritage DNA’s matching technology uncovers little-known relatives based on the percentage of DNA that you share. In addition to showing how close you may be related, the technology estimates your familial relationship. You can connect with your newfound relatives to learn more about your family and discover shared ancestors.

  • Family Tree Integration: DNA results are seamlessly integrated with MyHeritage’s online family trees, allowing users to make even more fascinating discoveries about their family history by building a rich family tree. With a subscription to MyHeritage, you can access 12 billion historical records, powerful search and matching tools, and advanced features for DNA results.

  • Your Privacy Guaranteed: Your account and personal data are protected and secured thanks to MyHeritage’s world-leading CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory in the United States. When you test with MyHeritage, you are the sole owner of your DNA data and you can delete it permanently at any time. MyHeritage will never share your data with any third parties without your explicit consent.

Other DNA Test Services

Most of us know that $65 is a deal especially since most major DNA testing companies such as 23andme or are selling similar DNA test for twice the price. Even dogs have DNA test. You can get this Dog Breed DNA Testing with Free Shipping . The Dog DNA reports come in approximately two weeks from the moment sample was received. Dog Breed DNA Testing is performed through at-home DNA Cheek Swab, includes a report on all breeds found in the tested dog’s DNA by percentage, a custom certificate, and a report.

Domestication: The Pick of the Litter, Litter After Litter

It’s important to take good care of your pet—after all, it’s the product of millennia of domestication. Read on to learn more about how once-wild animals found a place in our homes.

If you raised a siberian husky pup and a wolf cub side-by-side, giving each one the same food, training, and number of belly scratches, you would still wind up with one tame creature and one wild one. So why the difference? Though both creatures are technically the same species (Canis lupus) and share virtually the same DNA, only the husky’s genes are programmed for domestication. The traits we associate with domestication—such as friendliness, calmness, and even floppy ears—have all been selected by humans and passed down from one generation of huskies to the next. In simpler terms: nature created the wolf; we bred the husky.

An example of the domestication process can be seen in a famous Russian experiment using arctic foxes. Beginning in 1958, scientists took an assortment of wild foxes and selected only the few that showed a specific trait—friendliness towards humans. They allowed those foxes to breed then selected only the friendliest of that litter, and so on and so on. After only a few generations, the foxes began to exhibit behaviors never found in their wild ancestors, such as whining and tail wagging. What’s more, the domesticated foxes took on new appearances, sporting more juvenile features and spotted fur. Though the strange new foxes might have been considered a new species, they—like dogs to wolves—were just a domesticated version of the same wild foxes.

Although dogs have been domesticated for roughly 33,000 years and cats for 12,000, no one is quite sure how either species came to be domesticated. One of the most popular theories is that only the least aggressive animals were permitted to hang around early human settlements, and over time, humans began breeding the friendliest of the bunch. The advantages were clear: dogs aided in hunting, while cats kept food stores free of rodents and protected the villages from laser pointers.


 See My Results - Part 2

Click the 1st image below to see the private video of me breaking down my results. 

 heritage dna testingthe best DNA test for a good price


Possible Healing Remedies for this Energy:






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