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Diy Wedding Gift Card Box

Posted by Fiery Mayo on

I designed my very own Wedding Gift Box ... yasss I did girl and guess what even if you don't consider yourself to be crafty you can also make yourself or a loved one a unique wedding gift. All you need is patience, a theme, and a small budget. Check out my detailed step by step YouTube video

How I Picked My Wedding Theme for My Gift Box

But more about my wedding; since my favorite color is Tiffany Blue (well all shades of blue) I thought about a Tiffany & Co. themed gift box. I said how can I find the aqua color and make my wedding gift box look so elegant. I wanted to also do this on a budget, in fact, most of the items at my wedding were designed and made by me. I have been designing for decades. So once I figured out my wedding theme, ideas just seemed to come to me. Check out a picture of my box below. But also remember you can design this for a Baby Shower too. You can make a Baby Showe Gift box.

Wedding Gift Box idea


Next, once you have a theme you need to start purchasing your materials. Also for your label that goes in the center of your box, which states your name your spouse "to be" name with your wedding date is called a wedding frame. You can get wedding frame ideas from here. I have placed an example of the Wedding Frame I am talking about which can be placed on your box. 

DIY Wedding Frame

Listed below are some materials that you will need for your DIY wedding box. I plan to do a more up to date YouTube video on this since I still have my old Wedding Gift Box. I want to redesign it and have it in a giveaway for my Youtube subscribers. So check out for that video I plan to do it before 2020 is over. If you want to participate and what a specific color added to the design you need to inbox me listed on the home page.  


Materials Used for Money Gift Box DIY Project

Safety 1st Disposable Face Masks:

Craft Safety Gloves:
Save Time by Getting Wedding Gift Box (Option 1):
Save Time by Getting Wedding Gift Box (Option 2):
Save Time by Getting Wedding Gift Box (Option 3):
Save Time by Getting Wedding Gift Box (Option 4):
Save Time by Getting Decorative Gift/Storage Box (Option5):


Satin Ribbon:
*Crazy Glue:
Glue Stick:
Satin Ribbon:
* Flower Decor (Option 1):
Flower Decor (Option 2):

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