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DIY Shoes - How to Sew Fabric onto Shoes? Custom Nike Roshes

Posted by Lisa Smith on

If you have been wondering how to make extra money during this COVID 19  and you are crafty and want to design shoes for yourself and others than check out my video below on how to sew fabric onto Nike Roshe One Kicks. In this video I am using American Flag fabric. For more details on all the materials I used just scroll down below and also look at the video. You too can make money designing shoes, shoes of all kinds. If you want a more step by step process that goes slow from Eshays, teaching you how to create patterns to sewing on the shoes than inbox us for our workshop course. If you want to know what shoe sewing machine you can use to sew your shoes are to repair your shoes there is a similar and cool shoe repair sewing machine that can help you get started. To glue the fabric to the shoes you can use E6000 or any fabric glue. Or if you want us to make you a pair of Custom Roshe Ones we are happy to do so too. 




Sewing Machine Similar to Mines:

Mini Iron:

Thread Used:
or you can get a higher quality thread here:




Nike Roshe one Shoes: Shoes: Men: ; Women: & Kids :

Transparent Paper (used to cut out shoe pattern):

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