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DIY Heel Chair - How to Reupholster an Office Chair - Shoe Chair

Posted by Lisa Smith on

DIY Girls High Heel Shoe Chair

   shoe chair


 If you have bought a chair of any kind but particularly a shoe chair and want it to fit the decor of your home or office then this article is on upholstery for beginners which is for you. Let's first quickly talk about the definition of upholstery; which is the art or practice of fitting padded coverings to chairs or sofas. Please view my visuals step by step process of how to add the fabric to the pieces of the chair. You can also follow the simple steps below; the materials are also listed below and in the video. 

Simple Steps of Adding Fabric To Shoe Chair

1) The first thing you need is the shoe chair.

 2) You need to have scissors, pencil, and transparent paper to create your special custom pattern guide, 

3) Once you use the transparent paper to trace around the area you want to cover in your NEW fabric than pin your fabric to the tracing transparent paper and cut it out. 

4) Once the desired fabric is cut out then get your fabric glue and adhesive spray and put it on your fabric (make sure not to spray too much or put too much on the fabric as it will seep through. You can also protect the fabric a little better by using iron-on adhesive. So once you have placed the fabric on and it is sticking, allow to dry. If you have used iron-on adhesive with the glue than after the glue has dried go in and use the iron to melt the iron-on adhesion. 

5) Next use a staple gun to staple and sections that need to be more secure, especially around the heel of the shoe chair. Review the finished picture below.



Pin Shoe Chair

Thanks for reading and watching my Youtube Video on DIY Heel Chair - How to Reupholster an Office Chair. May you have a creative day! 


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