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DIY Glitter Cup Tutorial - Disney Cup Giveaway

Posted by Lisa Smith on

 DIY Glitter Cup Tutorial - Disney Cup Giveaway

 DIY Glitter Cup

As Do it Yourself projects are getting more popular over time and especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can find so many creative gliiter, sparkle, bling, crystals, spikes and other elemental materials to do unique and fun DIY projects. In fact, DIY projects are very popular amongst the women demographics, women love to be crafty. Women love sparkles and as they say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” So what I have noticed as a designer for over 10 years is that people, particularly women, want cups to display a little bedazzled look to them. Therefore, you can find women doing DIY glitter tumbler, diy glitter coffee cups, diy crystal Dunkin Donut cups, diy blinged out Starbucks cup, personalized name cups, personalized bridal cups, custom groom and bride cups. It’s like cups of steroids, wow what an awesome way to transform something so basic into something so spectacular. So today, I am going to be showing you how to transform this basic Disney Cup into a diy glitter cup of your child’s or even your dreams. This DIY Cup Project can be done for as low as $10 bucks, just check out my links to all the materials below. Also if you want to see a visual on how I did this design instead of following the given instruction then go to my Youtube Channel “The Real Eshay.” I am actually giving back to my scribers by having a contest to giveaway this exact Disney Glitter Cup. So if interested in this 2020 free giveaway please follow the instructions listed in the videos description. Now I will say in my diy projects I try my best to stay away from harmful chemicals although we know as artists and designers this can be hard to do but this is why I don’t use epoxy to seal my designs due to the stories I have heard about how unsafe it is. I have still left a link below to all the materials you can use to make a awesome custom cup. Also remember that this design concept can be done with any cup style, a tumbler, a plastic coffee cup, and etc.

 Materials Used: 

 *Safety 1st Disposable Face Masks:
* Craft Safety Gloves:
* Licensed Disney Character Cups 22oz:
* Second Disney Cup Options:
* Loose Glitter Options:
* Holographic Glitter:
*Mod Podge Glue:
* Clear Protective Sealer Spray:
* Paint Brushes:

* Mini Bow Applique:
*Epoxy (I didn’t use this option but you can if you like):

* Straw to drink from:


 Instructions for Glitter Cup:

  1. Wash tumbler.
  2. Pick the Cup / Tumbler that you want to use.
  3. Get your Paint Brush (make sure you have multiple sizes to fit each section of the cup that you want to cover in glitter. FYI: You will need some small brushes
  4. Apply a layer of mod podge along the area that you want to cover in glitter BUT remember to do the same colors first to avoid mixing colors which will be a disaster. Intricate glitter work like this one will have to be done in stages. 
  5. Once you have covered your desired area/section in glitter than allow to dry for a few hours. I place mines in front of a fan for about an hour or two, But you can also allow your glitter to air dry for a longer time. 
  6. Once each section has dried, go to the next section that you want to cover then also allow that section (in the same color family) to dry. You will do this for each and every section. 
  7. For the very small detailed work you will need to use a needle to place the glue on and then the glitter. 
  8. One everything is completely dry. Meaning there is limited glitter shedding then you can use the Mod Podge as a sealer by covering the entire cup with a layer of Mod Podge and/or you can use the clear protective sealer spray to go on top of the glitter. Remember if you use both methods to allow enough drying time before you apply the next chemical/glue. 
  9. If you are using Epoxy instead of the protective sealer spray or mod podge then follow the steps below. 
  10. Time to epoxy. Tape off top, 1 -2 mm above paint line (and bottom if you did before).
  11. Mix A and B solution of epoxy thoroughly, should take a few minutes.
  12. Tumbler should be on a hand turner or cup turner. Apply epoxy, smoothing it up and down the tumbler while you rotate it slowly. 
  13. Continue rotating for 4-6 hours depending on temperature. Remove tape 45 minutes into rotating. Set timer so you don't forget!
  14. Once it's fully dry, spritz some water and wet sand around the entire tumbler until it's smooth.
  15. Clean the tumbler off with rubbing alcohol.
  16. Apply decals and let rest for an hour or so.
  17. Tape off the top (and bottom if you did before).
  18. Repeat epoxy step (stir solutions, apply to cup and turn for 4-6 hours).
  19. Enjoy your nice new personalized tumbler!

Woo Hoo!! Now you get to enjoy your sparkly glitter tumbler!


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