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What Does Seeing a Deer Symbolize? Deer Totem Spiritual Meaning

Posted by Lisa Smith on

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I was in the car on my way to work listening to my spiritual videos and one lady was talking about huge transformation and there's going to be a change through some type of message or messages. So, I was walking to my office which is an open walk through to get to my area and I see this. .... it was a deer. I'm not sure how close any of you have been to a deer I'm sure we all have seen them somewhere or crossing the road but has one stopped and stared at you? Now to avoid any confrontations with the deer I slowly walked backwards while keeping my eyes on him then I ran into my building because deers can attack you.

Deers are messengers, they are so intuitive that they can get out of complicated situations without being harmed. A deer symbolizes the spiritual side of life. The deer meaning reminds us to lead by doing and showing the way. It’s a sign to be gentle to yourself and less critical. You have the gift of touching the hearts and minds of wounded people. It means to look closely at the items that cross your path, for they have a deeper meaning than the surface message. 

In Buddhism- Deers represent wisdom and seeing one could suggest a holy introduction to a new level of spiritual understanding, a spiritual rebirth, receiving a blessing of peace.

If you are dreaming about living deers this is considered good luck and very positive. Deers usually bring good news, good luck, new beginnings, or new love. If you are dreaming about a dead deer this can mean you may be faced with some challenges in the near future. You can be confused about your life or what the future holds.

If you hit a deer while driving this can symbolize you need to reevaluate your life, have you been living in your truth? Have you been putting others before you by sacrificing yourself health, love and happiness? It’s time to get more spiritually grounded and learn the true you.

When we hit a deer in a car accident, this could suggest that we are confronting our own critical attitudes toward ourselves. So much wounding in the world is self-inflicted. We may unknowingly punch ourselves with our hateful thoughts. The gentleness of deer says, “Let me heal these bruises with tenderness, and teach you tenderness towards yourself.”

Ultimately the deer is stating you can walk through life peacefully, regardless of what is on the path ahead of you! And for me directly the deer is telling me that this Youtube Channel is a way for me to educate and uplift others by delivering honest messages.


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