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Cancer Women Personality Traits! • Love, Best Careers and How to Attract a Cancer Woman.

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As we know there are high vibrations and low vibrations and we all hold some of both, although some people hold more one 1 than the other, so I’ll be discussing both energies of the sign.

Cancers are ruled by the Moon, which is considered a very intuitive planet. Cancer women, and even men, can be quite emotional but will avoid showing others these emotions to avoid appearing vulnerable or weak. It can take a while for a Cancer woman to open up since she has to feel you out first, but once she opens up, she’s a ride or die friend/lover. When they truly care about someone they can become a little clingy which can be offsetting to those who need their freedom. But this is why most Cancer women have a motherly instinct about them. Where they nurture family, friends and others who they feel most comfortable with and care about. Their caring hearts make them great caretaker, healers, doctors, social worker, public service workers, CEO, Attorney, Interior Designer, Child care worker, or a therapist of any kind.

The women can notice mood changes (mainly due to the changes of the Moon since it changes signs so often). When a Cancer woman gets mad, it's truly a scary thing because they can be very explosive since they actually hold in their emotions for such a long. So when it comes out, it ain't nothing good. Some Cancer women may even dismiss a relationship without even telling the other party why, they never forget (it’s like they ghost you, similar to Pisces energy but less of the escapist tendencies). So how can you attract a Cancer Woman, is to showing that you have swag but is still a caring person. Cancer women love a family oriented lover, so if you’re lose with your family she will dig you. Lastly, if you are a hustler type, meaning not a lazy lover but is willing to work for what you want than you have a Cancer woman’s attention. I’ll do a more detailed video on Cancer’s Love and attraction later.


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