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Cancer Men Personality Traits! • Love, Best Careers and How to Attract a Cancer.

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As we know there are high vibrations and low vibrations and we all hold some of both, although some people hold more one 1 than the other, so I’ll be discussing both energies of the sign.

Cancers are ruled by the Moon, which is considered a very intuitive planet. Cancer men can be sensitive even though they try not to show it, but it’s harder for the men to keep it in. You can always tell when they’re offended by something because they will have a little man fit or make a smart-aleck comment whereas the Cancer women will either block you out or explode on you. Cancer men can be very petty especially if they feel they have helped you and you took advantage of them, they will put you on blast.                                                                                                                                                           

Now for most cancer people women and men, a lot of them have Leo energy, Mercury sign is either in you Sun sign or 1 sign away. So you can find Cancers possessing a little Leo energy in their charts again depending on the month they were born. Typically the Leo energy makes them more confident and even lean towards jobs where they are in the spot light. Cancer men can work in the fields of: acting, comedy, business executives, content creators, and counselors.

Cancer men typically enjoy being in relationships, they love enjoying a good meal while cuddling in the comforts of their home.

Cancer men can be a bit jealous and expect you to be loyal to them. I will do a separate video on the way Cancer men love but Cancer men can be very attentive in the bed room. They are a little freaky not as much as the Scorpio but your needs will be met.  Cancer men don’t mind working or hustling their money (meaning they can have more than 1 job or side gig).

If you want to attract a Cancer man you will probably need to be like this mother (if his mother is nurturing and caring of course). You will need to become close to his family. You must cook well, be loyal and have a domestic side to you.

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