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Buying the Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes!

Posted by Lisa Smith on

There are days that are full of smiles that leave everyone with expressions of joy written on their faces whether young or old, male or female. These days evoke a sense of happiness and love from the society, community and everyone in general. The height of all these days is the wedding day. Characterized by a sense of purity and pulchritude, union and bonding. It means a lot to so many, but means everything to the “Perfect Two” involved, and most especially the bride.

It's a dream come true for every woman to see her wedding day, every woman counts herself lucky and preserved enough to be part of the "privileged" who joins the fellowship of brides. That is why everything about the wedding day should be carefully thought out and planned to avoid catastrophe. The wedding day is not a day to leave things to chance or the invisible hand. Errors that occur on this day might leave the couple feeling so sad. The bride must make sure she is in top shape and in awesome form for the wedding day. From getting a perfect wedding gown, to buying a perfect pair of wedding shoe, everything must be well thought out.

Talking about getting the perfect pair of wedding shoes for the bride, there are different types of wedding shoes that can be engaged depending on what is preferred.

There are flat shoes that lack any form of heel height; there are open-toe shoes which typically has the toe open, while we also have close toe shoes that have the toes covered completely. Next is the high sandal that is quite exposed and does not completely cover the feet. We also have the sling back shoe; most times called backless shoes and lastly boots; they completely cover the feet and some portions of the leg.

It is only possible to go for one type of shoe on the wedding day, so the choice must be made based on yardsticks that revolve around the level of comfort you experience with a shoe, the amount of money you are willing to put down on a shoe and the perfect idea you have of your wedding. These represent what should inform your final choice.

The level of comfort you get from a Rhinestone Running Shoe might not be the same with what you will experience with a Glitter Nike,  A Bling Fitness Shoe might have a semblance of what you want your wedding to signify, while a Sparkly Nike might just do the magic for someone else, some prefer to go for Custom Roshes while some prefer Christian Louboutins. It all boils down to what you appear cool in.

From a Gianvito Rossi to a Nina Ricci, whether it’s a Jimmy Choo or an Aquazzura, there are great stores that you can purchase these shoes from.

A few of them are ,,,,,and Stores like,, toms, Dillards and Zappos all offer quality wedding shoes.

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