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🦋 Butterfly Meaning Symbolism - Monarch Butterfly Animal Totem

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As I was walking in the park trying to get a little exercise in since I've been so lazy and sad lately. For those women who have been pregnant you know how your emotions can be up and down and when you want to be active but is too sick to do anything it can become depressing. I already have an intense workout plan and diet that I'm going to adopt once I have my baby. But as I was walking and trying to buy some stamina there was a black and orange butterfly that flew into me. I didn't know what it was at first, so I swung like any Chicagoan would do (lol). Then I saw its beautiful colors and then I looked at my clock and it was 12:44 which equals 11. Now the butterfly is linked to the 3 of swords in tarot which represent being hurt, sadness, stress, anxiety and/or disappointment. This can represent there's a need for healing and a change in your thinking. Everyone has experienced some type of pain in their life since no one dies without experiencing some darkness.

The orange monarch butterfly I saw represents a time to heal from anxiety or depression. It's about the transformation of the heart and mind. Seeing an orange butterfly means to try to stay positive and you will have joy very soon. It's a time to stay passionate about your goals and don't give up. Butterflies represent the planet Pluto in astrology because they both are about rebirth and transformations.

And the full confirmation of this was the number 1244. 1244 is about getting rid of sad and self-ridiculing behavior. You can overcome all obstacles, please remember to love yourself and applaud your accomplishments; you have come very far. Also forgive yourself; we all make mistakes by falling off the wagon but it's how you get back on it that matters. It's okay to cry and feel sadness, it's a part of life we just don't want to stay there for too long.


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