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Black Crow Spirit Animal Totem | The Good and The Scary!

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I’ve been meaning to do this video sooner, because I saw a black crow a couple of months ago. Now I was trying to avoid seeing it because of the negativity associated with Crows. As a child I remember crows representing death, so when I was driving I saw one in the sky and I quickly turned my head to avoid seeing it. Guess what, when I approached a red light guess who flew over to the light pole right next to me “The Black Crow.” I was like wtf, it’s like it wanted me to see it. So, I had to look deeper into the meaning. First, I want to talk about “why are black crows associated with death.” One reason is because crows feed on the flesh of the dead. Crows were viewed as the dark messengers of death. As you notice anything related to the color black has a negative connotation to it. The crow and the owl are two of the most powerful spirit animals linked to “the messengers of the dark.” They communicate to us messages from other realms and dimensions. Native American cultures see crows as a positive symbol, they are viewed as assisters that help the decease cross over.

I than saw a crow again on July 21, 2019 which equals master number 22 (click my video below on Master number 22). 22 is about becoming the master of something. I then saw a group of crows (about 5 of them) as I was leaving work 2 days later, this would make it my 3rd close encounter with the crow totem. In numerology 5 means independence. So, this made me think is the crow trying to become my spirit animal or is it trying to tell me that I am close to mastering a skill that will soon bring me freedom? Here’s my crow video.





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When you see a flock of crows (which means 2 or more of the same species gathering together) this means the crow can be gathering to determine the fate of other crows. Crows circling in the air can mean someone will die soon.

Now enough about death, here are some lighter meanings of the Crow. Seeing a crow can symbolize a time for change and that you can easily move through these changes due to your new frequency changes. It’s also a time for transformation. It means you are becoming more strongly attuned with your intuition. The crow wants you to remain ethical and build a stronger integrity. This is a perfect time start doing Law of Attraction mediations to manifest your wishes especially since the crow is linked to magic and mystical matters.  

A crow that appears in your life indicates it is time for you to use your second sight and to think more thoroughly about your life. The Native and Greek culture believe crows meant prosperity and good luck. Since ancient times a crow has been associated with magical things around us. If a crow appears in your life, it should remind you that a magic is all around you.

If you have chosen the Crow as your spirit animal or if the Crow has chosen you, then you have a lot of luck. The wise Crow as your spirit animal can help you discover your true identity and all life mysteries around you.

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