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Beetle Symbolism - Spiritual Meaning of Beetle – Beetle Totem

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


On June 6, 2020, I don’t remember the time but as I was dancing, doing a little workout trying to get back to my pre pregnancy weight and I was busying myself hard. I noticed about 30 mins after dancing that something was poking my toe. When I took my shoe off I didn’t see anything so I went back to dancing and the piercing got shaper so when I took my shoe off again I noticed a leg of some insect sticking my toe nail. I was shocked when I looked under the insole to find a black bug. I was scared to pick it up I thought it was a roach. My husband looked at it and said it was a beetle. Now we know that as the weather gets hot there are a lot of insects entering our homes. Now beetles can come in many colors as there are thousands of beetle species, but the one I saw was black. Black represents hidden things, the occult, magic and it absorbs all colors. (Black is similar to the Pluto/Scorpio energy). The most popular beetle is the ladybug which is red and black (I’ll do a separate video on the ladybug) but the red represents determination, ambition and having leadership skills even having a fiery personality. (Red is similar to the Mars/Aries energy). A green beetle represents rebirth, growth, balance and the peacemaker personality. (Green is similar to the Venus/Libra energy). And a brown beetle represents earthy matters such as material possessions, security and stability (similar to the Venus/Taurus energy).





In ancient times some cultures used beetle art and symbols as a means of protection (like a good luck charm).

To get a better understanding of the meaning if a specific beetle you must first know the type of beetle you saw or dreamed about. But the general symbolic meaning of a beetle is to be persistent, having strength during difficult times, using your intellect in various situations. If you are an impatient person or have been working on a project for a few years and have become either bored or unsure if you should continue with the project due to its stagnancy then the beetle is telling you to be patient and a little more work is needed for a change to happen. The Beetle also reminds you to be responsible for the body as it is your temple so treat it well.  

If the beetle is your spirit animal then is shows a person who is a hard worker (very similar to the numerology 4 energy). You may be the type of person who’s interested in science, psychology, teaching, and/or healing. You can experience a lot of changes in your life and you have learned how to stay calm, humbled and positive during those challenging times. If you consider the beetle to be your animal totem then call on it when you are stressed; mediating can help you build a strong intuition. Your spirit animals are there to help guide you so just call on them at any time and ask for help.

If you keep seeing beetles along your path it can mean you are becoming more intuitive that you are creative and emotional strong. We all have probably heard the superstition that if a beetle lands on you that represent good luck. But what does it mean if you kill a beetle, even by accident? Unfortunately, killing a beetle can represent bad luck and even chaos. It can mean you feel blocked or stagnant and there’s a lack of trust with the Universe. You feel you are not being recognized for your work or in a relationship. The spiritual message is you need to pay attention to your health and you may need to do more healing to build your creativity. Also hold on to your resource, budget wisely.


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