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Powerful Meaning of Number 444 | It's Your Time!

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Check out my YouTube Video on the Powerful Number 444:


What Are Angel Numbers? Are Angels Listed in the Bible? 

Angels are simply messengers of God. I believe we all have angels, guides and ancestors here on Earth who help guide us through life. Some people aren't aware of these spiritual beings because some people are too busy with every day activities to stop and realize. Also some people are too egotistical to realize there are spiritual beings who help us, some people feel that they are the ONLY cause of their success, wisdom or etc. But at the end of the day there is only one higher source (aka God, the Divine, the Universe ... all those names/nouns are the same entity, just different terms used). Nonetheless, modern culture have decided to adopt the term "angel numbers" which I personally feel there's no problem with the term BUT we must never forget that angels are only messengers from GOD. (And FYI:  I am not a huge reader or believer in the bible since there are so many cracks in the 28 bibles created but when I discover something that I spiritually feel is true and what GOD is telling me to share than I will). Luke 1:11-19 verse 19 says: The angel said to him, “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news. <Also, for any reason if you feel anything is taking you off track or that you are becoming obsessed by numbers or anything then you need to STOP and reevaluate the situation. Ask God to help you see the truth and remove any confusion negative energies far away from you>.

The Musical Meaning of Number 4:44

So, before I get into the topic I want to talk about Jay Z who has an album titled 4:44. The reason Jay Z said he titled this album 444 was because he “woke up, literally, at 4:44 in the morning, to write this song. So it became the title of the album. It's the title track because it's such a powerful song, and he believed it was one of the best songs he’s ever written.” Also for those who are familiar with The Carters' both Jay Z and Beyonce hold the 4 energy because they were born on the 4th. They also decided to name their firstborn child Blue Ivy, with the Ivy (IV representing number 4 in Roman Numbers). So this right here is a trinity of 3s by the 444 energy. The father Jay Z, the mother Beyoncé and the 1st Born Blue Ivy.

But let me talk about the song that popped into my head for this 444 energy, it is "Go Get It" by MaryMary (I'll put the link above). But the song and the verse I’m going to read is talking about how you may think all your hard work, your struggles, and your prayers have not been overlooked. But in reality, God has heard them all and is showing you this through the angel number 444. The powerful verse in this MaryMary song is:


“It's like You lookin' through a telescope you see where you gonna be
Growin' gettin' better you're not the person they see
Can't be mad at the things you've been through, 'cause they built your muscle
Now you're stronger than you've ever been, they can't stop your hustle

Yo faith ain't never small that's what brought you this far
See you got your dreams and you got your prayers and you got you God
He gonna take you there
See everybody has a season and I've believe this one's your's
'Cause you've been working, waiting, this what you've been praying for

Go get it, go get it, go get your blessing
Go get it, go get it, go get it
It's time yo, It's time yo, It's time your time

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My Story about the Angel Number 444

For the past week in a half, I have been waking up at 4:44 and it's usually my 6 month old who wakes me up like at exactly 4:44. But a couple of days ago I woke up at 4:44 a.m. on my own and I had the energy to go workout. But before I did I checked a business email with a contractor I was trying to hire for a project. I was waiting for him to send me a bill and in this email, he states "oh your request is so simple, I'll do it for free." I was like WHAT!!!! When does anyone offer something for free, I was like wow I know God and my angels have a message behind this cause I never get anything free.

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The 444 Spiritual Meaning – Angel Number 444

 So what is the spiritual meaning of angel number 444? As I looked deeper into the meaning of number 444 it made me cry. Yes, I'm a cry baby (my chart is filled with water). But what God and our angels are trying to tell us when we see 444 is that it's so easy to think negative, to think things ain't going to change. Because I too have felt like this, see when a person goes through so much turmoil in life, from not only experiencing pain and disappointment themselves but seeing other people go through hurt it can make anyone want to give up. It seems like thoughts of despair and negativity can just pop up so quickly but when we feel these negative things it’s important to try to quickly change our mindsets. When I got that email stating the guy was going to help me for free, I quickly thought wow I never win anything, hope he isn't lying. But when you are seeing the angel number 444 God says those days are decreasing. Those days of feeling like you always have bad luck, or that things just can’t go right no matter how hard you try. God is creating a new path for you. Please know that it doesn't mean you won't ever go through another painful situation in your life because as long as we live here on Earth we all will endure something.  The angel number 444 is reminding you that good does exist and a lot of good things are heading your way. It’s time to put a smile on your face and manifest your wants (look at my manifesting kits below).

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What is the Numerology Meaning of 444

The 4 in numerology represents stability, dedication, persistence, working hard, and realizing there are no shortcuts in life for most of us. The number 44 is a master number representing the Master Healer. (Review my video on the number 44). But when the number is tripled like 444 it holds a strong Divine connection. God has a gift for you especially if you are seeing 444 often, this gift can be small or large but just be grateful for the blessing.  


What is the Astrological Meaning of 444

The celestial bodies that I feel resonate with the 444 energy is Jupiter and the Midheaven. Jupiter is the planet of blessings, joy, good luck, morals, possibilities, abundance, and ethics. The Midheaven is about your life purpose and it represents our most visible achievements in the eyes of the public, it’s our accomplishments and our overall sense of responsibility. So look in your astrology chart and see where your joy and sense of responsibility comes from and if you haven’t gotten a detailed report check out my links below.

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Number 444 Careers

With the 444 energy there is a good possibility for money, good luck, receiving gifts of some sort (small or large), a promotion, and etc. Things can improve at work and it’s always good to start with thyself because we can change the energy of a toxic workplace by changing our emotions surrounding that job. Go into work saying “No one is going to mess up this wonderful day.” Say hello to someone when walking down the halls at work, although they can’t see you smile (due to the mask) they can hear the joy in your voice. Once you get into the mindset where “NO one will STOP my happiness” you are moving in the right direction. If you are looking for a job continue to look and you may want to look into the following professions which I feel link to number 444, they are: an artists, musician, designer, something in the beauty industry, spiritual healer, something in the hospitality industry, a counselor, a psychic or any job surrounding nature. 

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444 Love Meaning

When it comes to the love meaning of number 444 it represents renewal, a new beginning in your love life. Even if you are already with someone, sometimes relationships can get stale and we need to bring in some new energies, some fun energies (so check out my suggestions below). But the number 444 is saying it’s time for love and happiness. If single, during this time you can establish a meaningful romantic relationship with someone or a platonic friendship with another beautiful soul. Always remember the most important love we have is the one who have for ourselves.


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