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Master Number 44 | #44 Deep Analysis By Eshay Astro – You Can Do It!

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 Check out my YouTube video on Master Number 44:


What Are Angel Numbers? Are Angels Listed in the Bible? 

Angels are simply messengers of God. I believe we all have angels, guides and ancestors here on Earth who help guide us through life. Some people aren't aware of these spiritual beings because some people are too busy with every day activities to stop and realize. Also some people are too egotistical to realize there are spiritual beings who help us, some people feel that they are the ONLY cause of their success, wisdom or etc. But at the end of the day there is only one higher source (aka God, the Divine, the Universe ... all those names/nouns are the same entity, just different terms used). Nonetheless, modern culture have decided to adopt the term "angel numbers" which I personally feel there's no problem with the term BUT we must never forget that angels are only messengers from GOD. (And FYI:  I am not a huge reader or believer in the bible since there are so many cracks in the 28 bibles created but when I discover something that I spiritually feel is true and what GOD is telling me to share than I will). Luke 1:11-19 verse 19 says: The angel said to him, “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news. <Also, for any reason if you feel anything is taking you off track or that you are becoming obsessed by numbers or anything then you need to STOP and reevaluate the situation. Ask God to help you see the truth and remove any confusion negative energies far away from you>.

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The Song the Resonates with this 44 Energy

The song that I feel goes well with this energy is “Be Great” by Kevin Ross. There’s a certain part in the song that's rapped by Chaz French and it talks about wanting to be successful and having big dreams that others may feel or think is too big to accomplish, but you aren’t phased by the negative comments. You speak your truth, stay true to yourself and work harder than anyone you know to reach that goal because deep in your heart YOU ARE GOING TO BE GREAT, in fact you are already GREAT! The verse goes like:

“Yo, yo, yo

Gotta be better than good at it

Swear the goal is to be bigger than everyone before us

Gotta show my son and daughter, that just because they your idols

They don't mean they won't be rivals, I'm looking at it like I was him

And I'm just tryna show him it's all in the passion

I got dreams bigger than life, only I can imagine

Just want my expectations and what's meant to be, to have at it

So I'd rather overdo everything than half ass it

That's why I remain to speak my piece and stand my ground

Keep my head high, won't swallow pride

Just take my time, won't compromise

For nobody, 'cause we can all be somebody (somebody)”


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 What Is Master Number 44

I want to go over a few comments made by my viewers surrounding the number 44. One is from Kale Warren and Mr-Mrs Curls N Kinkz (take a look at their comments).

Master 44 Number


Both viewers made some good points and I wanted to discuss the meaning of the number 44 a little more in detail. For anyone who has not gotten a numerology report and wants to know their exact life path number since all life paths are NOT the same, you can get a $10 numerology report .

If you want to review the animal that I feel correlates with the 44 energy please review my Snake video. Now 44 is considered the Master Healer.  Master numbers are not easy numbers to carry. A steady process is going to be important, because of the strong 4 energy.


Numerology Meaning of 44

Starting with the number 4 in numerology which represents stability, dedication, persistence, working hard, and realizing there are no shortcuts in life for most of us. So when the number is doubled the energies are magnified and is considered a Master number. The 4(s) are about major stability. The number 8 is linked to the overall energy of number 44 which represents material mastery, power, and control. With the 44 energy, you can be the person who constantly thinks about money and/or success (because success doesn’t necessarily mean money for everyone. Everyone has their own meaning of success). But, you can reach a point where you want it all and can get so emotional about these wants and goals. You can even become restless or depressed about these things and you can give up altogether. The other side of the 8 energy is that you overwork yourself to the bones to gain material things and even fame.

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The Astrology Meaning of Number 44

The planets that I feel go well with this number 44 energy are The Moon and Saturn. So look in your astrology chart and see what aspects you have to those planets. The Moon represents our emotions, therefore we can become emotional about possessions, people, and things. The Moon also is about protection, so with the 44 energy, we can want to protect our wealth, family, home, and other 4th house matters. The planet Saturn holds the work hard energy and the limitations of things. Saturn is also the energy that can make a person become depressed over certain matters in life.


The Challenging Part of Master Number 44 

The challenging part of the master number 44 is that you can become so stuck in your way of thinking that you end up going in circles. When a person goes in a circle this means there’s no growth, you are just repeating a bad habit or staying stagnant. There can be constant ups and downs in your finances which can cause a person to become discouraged and unmotivated. This restlessness can cause nerve issues and mood swings (please review the remedy I have for this concern, below). You can even start to feel like there’s no solution to your problem and no way to move ahead. There is a feeling of lack and stagnancy and this thought process will ultimately need to be reevaluated ( look for advice in the spiritual meaning of the number 44 below). But overall you will need to look at things with a new lenses and from different perspectives.


The Rewarding Part of Master Number 44

 Just like the song, I have listed above, the person was willing to give their all by not only working hard towards their goal but doing it in a productive way (not skipping the necessary steps). When we rush, we make mistakes and omit important details. So the high vibration of the number 44 knows, there’s going to be challenges. Yet they are willing to work towards that goal despite any setbacks. These people know how to organize their goals by placing them into categories as most important (get this done now) to least important or unnecessary tasks (which can be totally removed from the list because it doesn’t benefit them). When these people think about success, they aren’t just thinking about it with selfish intent, they are trying to develop a legacy that serves their family and even their community.

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Spiritual Meaning of Number 44 - Angel Number 44

Spiritually although it’s good to have goals and want to be successful at something, we must never forget what we have now in our life. We must be grateful for every little blessing because at the drop of a dime it can be gone. Angel number 44 is telling you there are no shortcuts in life especially for something worthwhile. Don't measure your growth by others; you are special! Also, don't be so hard on yourself because anger can build up when one gets so mad that things aren't moving as quickly as they expect. My beautiful souls, you must balance your thoughts, try not to overthink things. You must learn to stabilize and strengthen your mind and emotions. 

Spiritually angel number 44 represents a need to build your inner wisdom. To become more intuitive (I have this remedy below) and to work on your 3rd Eye Chakra (to help build intuition), Sacral Chakra (to help you merge and balance your creative energy which will help you discover your skills and talents) and Crown Chakra (to help you build a strong connection with the Divine and your higher-self). Once you have balanced these energies you can start to move towards the positive/higher vibration of the number 44. Again the number 44 is about persistence, progress, and listening to your inner and higher self for guidance. Ask yourself this: Why am I rushing? Why do I want to achieve this goal, is it for clout or is it because it’s in my heart and soul? Will this goal serve me fully?  What steps do I need to take to reach this goal? Realistically, how long will it take me to reach this goal? Write all your questions and answers down then review them daily, while also working towards them.


The Type of Careers Linked to the Number 44

The careers linked to the 44 energy would be the following professions: business owner, anything in business, politician, healer, a military chief, counselor, anything in psychology, any government or public job.


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The Love Meaning of 44

If you are vibrating from the challenging side of the number 44 then you can have controlling issues or attract partners with this energy. Or you can be feeling bored with your love life. If you are feeling bored it’s time to spice up things . If you are single and have been feeling afraid to put yourself out there due to past letdowns then please know that things will change for the better and you must be 100% sure you are ready for commitment. Now if you are operating from the other side of 44 (high vibration) you can be feeling a little more flirty and romantic. Overall remember to never give up on love if this is what you truly seek because people can find love at any age and at any time in life even during a pandemic. 


Possible Healing Remedies for this Energy

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