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A List of Essentials for Your Prom!

Posted by Lisa Smith on

A List of Essentials for Your Prom

You only get one chance to grace your prom night, or two nights in schools where prom is celebrated for the seniors and juniors. Prom is widely regarded as a very important party for teenagers, it is fondly stated that what happens in prom stays with you forever. So once you have found you a prom princess or prince, a prom dress, and a smile to match on the night there is just one more thing to look forward to this list of essentials for your prom, because being embarrassed with negative surprises could be as damaging Kungfu Panda’s loss of concentration.


A lot of days, weeks, and even years after proms are spent talking about the prettiest dresses that graced the prom night at the time of asking, and of course everyone needs that kind of attention every now and then. In the classic times prom outfits are worn to expose the gentleman and lady in teenage, so you would want to look as calm as possible in your looks, but just loud enough to compete with the best dresses; this goes for the gents too, a lady likes a man looking exquisite in simplicity so don’t be cheap but don’t be loud boy!

Ladies worry about looking good so from here on these essentials apply only to the ladies looking to have a lasting memory of the night party. So get you a little classy purse and stuff it with these essentials.

Touch-Up make up:

On prom night you leave your home the prettiest girl in the world and surely you would want to keep it that way. So dump some touch-up make up in your purse and make good use of your time in the restroom to refresh that look when you can.


Call me paranoid but high heels have a mind of their own and if you are spotting one be sure to have some glue with you in case the heels of your shoe go separate ways. OR you can just wear a pair of Custom Jeweled Wedges or Nike Sky Hi Revolution Wedges from Eshays and won't have to worry about the glue.

Deodorant or perfume:

There will come the moment where the legendary prom dance has to take place, now you have to get close to your prince in shiny armor, dazzle him with your smell as well as your beautiful looks dear. The gents are welcome to using this trick too.

Gum or Mints:

You are definitely going to leave the home fresh and all in the mouth, but you will want to keep that going. So keep your breath attractive with the most tantalizing flavors of gum.


This might just turn out to be one of the most heartwarming inventions ever, you may not care about capturing your prom night in static motionless pictures, but if someone does that for you against your unwillingness best believe you are going to be telling someone thank you years later.


Maybe not for you but for anyone who might lose it due to having too many drinks, or the awesomeness of their prom dates.

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