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922 Angel Number Meaning | Release Your Anger 🤬

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


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As we know sometimes life can take us through so many changes, so many ups and downs that it can make some bitter and angry. If we get a negative response or comment made towards us it can sometimes break our spirit or make us to react in the same negative way of feeling like we got to get back at that person. We can become vengeful but think about it, does these actions really solve anything? How can you getting angry and stressing yourself out be beneficial? 922 is telling you to release your frustration in positive ways. You don't have to react negatively just because someone else is acting a fool. Allow them to be that fool and move on with grace and dignity. Now I know it's easier said than done, because I have a few Aries and Uranus placements in my chart and I can tell someone off when they keep messing with me, but just try it. Release your anger through music, dancing, exercise, reading, praying and meditating. Ask your angels to help you deal with your enemies in a calm and peaceful way. Ask for peace and strength to deal with those people who try to break you. If you need to remove yourself or someone from your life, blocking them or ignoring them is a start. Don't allow liars, manipulators, gossipers or narcissists to bring you down, you are a special person so let only your light shine bright. Please leave your 922 experience below, what have you been going through when you see the angel number 922? Thanks for sharing!

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