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911 Meaning | Can You Trust Your Intuition?

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


Remember Sept. 11, 2001 Victims, Survivors & Heros

I have seen 911 so many times and today (the time I recorded my Youtube Video was on Sept 11, 2020) I decided to do a video on it. It was no mistake that I thought I posted this content months ago, but it needed to be posted today. Please review my 911 Video on my remembering of the 911 victims from Sept 11, 2001, a tragic event that occurred in New York City about 19 years ago.

911 Spiritual and Numerology Meaning

so the first time I saw 911 was when I was gathering some holistic natural remedies to increase my intuition and help clear my skin.  Then I quickly looked at the clock and there’s 911 again. This very same thing happened on 9/10/2020 where I was trying to find remedies for my sore muscles after exercising. The powerful color that resonates with the 911 energy is yellow. So please look at a few holistic healing remedies I have listed below specifically for this energy.

Now in the western culture, we look at 911 as being a number used when one is in distress and in the need of help.  But there’s a deeper meaning to the number especially since 11 is a Master number linked to spirit combined to the 9 which represents sharing your wisdom and special gifts globally.  

There is a humanitarian spirit inside of you because you have been through so much and are able to see situations from a different unbiased perspective. The number 9 nor number 11 are easy roles to fill, so those who are constantly seeing these numbers either together or apart are being signaled that you are stronger than you think, you are a warrior. 

Life path 9, Life path 11, Expression 9, and Destiny number 11 can resonate with this 911 angel number. Pretty much anyone who has 9 or 11 in their core numerology chart can feel this energy. 

Lessons of #911

At this time in your life, you are moving towards higher awareness and you should start meditating more if you haven’t started already this is to help you become closer to the Divine and build a stronger intuition. By building a stronger faith and mind you through working on your chakras will be able to trust your intuition more. You may be in line for starting a spiritual endeavor or giving back to your community or manifesting something grand into your life. Ultimately, trust yourself on this journey towards your soul mission. 


Healing Advice for this 911 Energy

Get this Citrine Crystal for Solar Plexus (help release anger & self-doubt):

Solar Plexus Candle:

This tea helps with calming you and aids in sleep:

This tea and essential oil is for reducing anxiety & depression:

 Essential Oil (specific oils listed below; you get 5% $ back thru Rakuten):

CBD calming lotion:


*If you are unsure of how to use any of the products or services just inbox me for a customize mantra and counseling at: !!!

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