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666 Meaning| Seeing the Bigger Picture

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


Most of us have grown to believe the number 666 as a symbol of pure evil, bad luck or the beast. I can remember my mother reading the bible and a book called the “Divine Revelations of Hell” to us as children. Both books would scare me since they talked about the consequences of your sins and if you didn’t stop sinning then you would face the wrath, when the apocalypse came. I believe that numbers do have meaning but when you place a negative connotation on something even when it’s not necessarily negative than you will believe that to be true. Since I choose to live my life with joy but also staying grounded and realistic; I’d rather look at this number from another perspective. Remember there’s light and dark in everything. In Egyptian mythology 666 is the number of the Goddess (Ishtar, Isis, Aphrodite) with the 6 representing sex and motherhood. Even in numerology the number 6 represents the nurture and caretaker. In numerology 666 has a 18/9 vibration which can become disappointed by the realities of life and feel insecure. If you have this number anywhere in your numerology chart you will feel this vibration even stronger. You have a strong sense of control about yourself, meaning you are focus on a project, when you start something you push to finish it. Your issues may come from deeply rooted impressions of money, power, insecurity, control and ethics. Therefore, in order to be a great humanitarian or leader you will have to settle any and all of those issues. Now if you are living according to the higher vibration you can create a peaceful life reaping the rewards, but here’s where the shadow vibration comes regarding the negative side 666 and 18/9. If you decide to live according to the low vibration then you face your actions (karma), reaping what ever that maybe. You will need to look at the bigger picture; enjoy life more fully with integrity and accept the limitations that comes with life.

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